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Dropbox Android Update Adds Chrome OS Keyboard Navigation

Oct 27, 2018

We have a new update to tell you about for the Dropbox Android app. There was a new update released this week which adds support for a couple of Chrome OS features. If you have Dropbox on your Android device, then you know that Dropbox has been getting regular updates for a while now. The latest update does not really bring any new features, although it is an update nonetheless. We have all of the latest details about the newest Dropbox update for Android so keep reading to learn more.

Dropbox Adds Chrome OS Keyboard Navigation in Android Update

The newest update to the Dropbox Android app is version 116.2.4, which is live now on Google Play Store. While there are not any new features added to the Dropbox Android app, we are excited to report that there is new support in the app. The support is for the Chrome OS Keyboard navigation. That is definitely exciting news for people who use Chrome OS. You will have to download the newest update in order to get the keyboard navigation features for Chrome OS.

In this Dropbox Android update, there is also support for the right-click menus that are found in Chrome OS. This again is another great addition for those who are using Chrome OS. While you might not think these features are very exciting, we are definitely thrilled about them. As long as you have a Chrome OS device, you will be able to get this support right now.

Dropbox for Android Brings Chrome OS Support

If you have yet to try out Dropbox, you definitely should be checking it out. You can use Dropbox for either personal or professional needs. Dropbox allows you to put all of your files in one place. There is the ability to sync up all of your files across multiple devices too. If you are using Dropbox for business needs, then this is really going to help you when it comes time to do a report or print out documents for a project.

You also can send really big files with Dropbox, which is something you cannot do very easily with regular mail programs. If the person does not have a Dropbox account, they are still able to get the file you send them. Regardless of what you plan on using Dropbox for, you will love the ability to store all of your files in one place.

The latest improvements to the Android app is going to benefit those running on a Chrome OS device. As more time goes by, additional improvements will come to Dropbox which enables people to upload, sync, and send files even easier than before. You have shared folders, a document scanner, offline access, and so much more in the Dropbox app. Collaborating has never been easier than with the Chrome OS updates that are found in the new Dropbox Android app.

How to Get the New Dropbox Android Update

If you would like to try out the new Dropbox for Android app update, you can download it right now from Google Play Store. The newest version with Chrome OS support is version 116.2.4, so check to see if your version of Dropbox has automatically updated. You should see the new update rolling out via the over-the-air method this week. It could take a few days for you to see the new update, but you can download right now from Google Play Store if you do not want to wait.

Once you have tried out the new Dropbox Android app with Chrome OS support, we want to know what you think about it. Do you like that there is now Chrome OS support for both the keyboard navigation and the right-click menu options? What else would you like to see come to the Dropbox Android app in the future?

If there is another service that you use to store your documents in one place, we want to hear about that as well. Do you think the other program you use works much better than Dropbox? What would it take for you to switch from the service you are currently using to Dropbox? Leave us a comment below because we would love to know what you think about the latest Dropbox update.