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Dropbox Creating Document Platform, Paper

Oct 16, 2015

With more and more work being completed digitally, document platforms are extremely important these days. With people working with each other in different locations, it is important that they can share their documents quickly and easily. Many professionals and businesses operate using Google Drive and Google Docs to create, edit, and share their documents with each other.

Dropbox have clearly seen that this is a huge opportunity for them, since they are now working on a new document platform.

What is it?

Dropbox’s new application is being designed to make collaborative document editing available for everyone with an internet connection. Supposedly, it will be very similar to Google Docs and Pages for iCloud.


According to many sources, the application will be called Paper. The application, Paper, will enable users to edit a document with their friend, colleague, or client in real time. Documents will be able to be shared with new and existing Dropbox contacts.

In brief, Paper will be a quick and easy way to make documents which can be edited with others in real-time.

Editing Features

Just like Google Docs, Paper will be very simple and easy to use – a user could be writing on the document within seconds of creating it. However, unlike Google Docs, there will be a lot of rich editing features within Paper.

Images and videos will be able to be embedded directly into a document, simply by copying and pasting the link. The link will be changed appropriately into either a photo or a video. If the user prefers, it is expected that the link can be changed back to plain text rather than an actual video. There are high chances that YouTube will be supported, so millions of videos will be able to be added directly into documents.

On top of that, Paper will allow its users to create to-do lists. These to-do lists can be shared with specific Dropbox contacts.


If a user needs feedback on any of their documents, they can send a notification to their Dropbox contacts – from there, they can leave comments directly next to any individual paragraphs.

Without these rich text editing features, it seems likely that Paper would have been not much of a competitor for Pages or Google Docs.

The Application

As of now, the application is completely web-based. It can only be accessed using a web browser. It is worth noting that Paper is still in very early stages – many sources suggest that applications for both Android and iOS will be available at launch.


As of now, Paper is in early stages – if you want to try out Paper, then you will have to add your name to a waiting list. It is very unclear how many people is on the list, and how long people will have to wait in order to be added to try out Paper. Dropbox will likely only be adding more people when Paper become more stable and reliable.

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