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Dropbox iOS App Adds Drag & Drop in Update

Apr 21, 2018

The Dropbox iOS app has released a new update this week, and in this update there are some great new features for those on iOS 11. These new features that were added in this update are primarily geared towards the iPad. We know that with the addition of iOS 11, there were many new features that Apple released as part of this new operating system.

Apps are still looking to take advantage of these new features and have been adding support for the features in stages. Dropbox is the latest app to move to support all of the cool features that iOS 11 has to offer. Read on to learn all about the changes that are coming with the new Dropbox iOS app update.

Dropbox iOS App Update Brings Drag & Drop Feature

When it comes to the Dropbox iOS app update, the first thing we should tell you is that the new version is version 92.2. The biggest addition with the Dropbox iOS app update is that you now will have a drag-and-drop feature. The drag-and-drop support was added in iOS 11, and now Dropbox has added this nifty feature to the iOS app. This means that you can drag various files to the folders you want, and it works to drop the files into the Dropbox app and outside of the app. Simply tap and hold these files in order to bring up the drag-and-drop ability.

There is also a huge change regarding the screen size in the Dropbox iOS app. With this new update, you will now have full-screen navigation abilities. When you are browsing, it is now going to show you the full file name you are looking for. If you want to search for a file, the new full-screen file navigation ability is going to make that much easier. All you have to do for the full-screen file navigation is close out the preview pane.

Once you have that preview mode pane collapsed, you can now see the full file name. That will definitely be useful if you use long file names but also have numbers that go at the end of the file name. You will now be able to differentiate between things like “longfile1” and longfile2” for example. There are even more changes to the Dropbox iOS app that we will go over as well.

Dropbox iOS App Adds Ability to Edit File Extensions

Even beyond the new changes we talked about, some other new changes you might want to know about are added in this update. With the Dropbox iOS app update, there is also the ability to now edit more than 120 file extensions. You can now edit all of your documents and not even have to open the documents. This goes for needing to open the documents either using your computer or using another application. Being able to edit the text for these file extensions is going to be very helpful, especially since we are talking about over 120 different types of file extensions.

Lastly, there is also the ability now to grant access to various files in Dropbox while you are on the app. For example, if a co-worker is asking permission to access a specific document, you can now do this through the app itself. There will be a push notification that pops up on your iOS device, and you can grant access by clicking right on this app permission. Authentication is going to be so much easier with this change. You can directly and immediately either deny the request for access or grant the request for access, and this makes productivity and managing your colleagues much easier.

Dropbox iOS Update Available Now

These are just some of the best and newest features to hit the Dropbox iOS app. This app version is 92.2 and it is available right now in Apple’s App Store for free. If you have the app right now on your iOS device, you should see the update rolling out right now. In order to use all of the new features available in the Dropbox iOS app update, you must have iOS 11 installed on your iOS device.

Even though most of the new features are geared towards someone on an iPad, there are still useful additions with this update for iPhone as well. You can download the new update today to begin using the new features. We want to hear from you in the comments what you think of this new update. Are you happy that the drag and drop feature is finally available? Do you think the push notifications for requesting access to documents is going to be useful? What other similar apps to Dropbox do you use for your business and work documents?