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DuckDuckGo Mobile App Adds Privacy Features & Ratings

Jan 26, 2018

The DuckDuckGo mobile apps, both iOS and Android, have updated to add more privacy features. If you have not heard of DuckDuckGo before, it is one of the most privacy-focus searched engines out there. The mobile versions and the web version are all hits with people focused on privacy and security while searching online.

In the new iOS and Android updates, there are new privacy features. These features allow for your searches to be safe in even more ways. Read on to learn more about the DuckDuckGo mobile app update. We are going to tell you what new privacy features are hitting both mobile platforms now.

DuckDuckGo Mobile App Update Focuses on Privacy

With the new iOS and Android DuckDuckGo app updates, you will see more privacy features and tools. The app is getting revamped on both platforms. This means that you will have more tools to help keep your web-browsing safe and secure. There will now be ratings for all websites you visit or want to visit. These ratings are in the form of a letter grade.

The grade is determined by such things as advertisement tracking and whether or not the website uses encryption. Whether a website tells you their terms of service is also part of the grade DuckDuckGo is now giving out. Obviously, the better grade that the website has with DuckDuckGo, the better the website is at protecting your privacy and information.

You will also be able to block advertisement tracking networks. This is one of the biggest new features coming to the DuckDuckGo mobile app. When you look at what advertisement tracking networks do, they are basically used by all of the leading companies to track you. Google and Facebook use the information from the advertisement tracking networks to deliver you targeted advertisements. All kinds of data from your browser are used to give these targeted advertisements, including your browsing history.

New Privacy Tools Roll Out to DuckDuckGo Mobile Apps

DuckDuckGo is now able to block these advertisement tracking networks, which means your web browsing, search history, and visited sites are no longer going to be collected and given to the tech giants out there. The company has software that is able to find these advertisement trackers and then block them. Much like everything else technology related though, soon the advertisers will figure out a way around the new DuckDuckGo blocking techniques.

The CEO of DuckDuckGo, Gabriel Weinberg, talked about how people are getting even more concerned about their privacy than ever before. DuckDuckGo is seeing more activity as a result of the worry about personal data being given out. DuckDuckGo has been around since 2009, and a year ago, the company hit 10 billion searches. Between 2017 and 2018, DuckDuckGo was able to hit 16 billion searches, which is a huge jump in just 12 months.

DuckDuckGo Mobile Update Live Now

If you want more tools to control your privacy, you can download the updated DuckDuckGo mobile app right now. With the new features and revamped look, DuckDuckGo is sure to be easier to use. This is true especially if you are someone worried about privacy and safety, but lack some tech skills. You can find the new version on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. The hope with these new tools is that it will force more companies to be more transparent about the information being collected.

The more people begin to use DuckDuckGo for searches, the less the advertisement companies will make. It makes sense because less people will have their data harvested. If the companies lose enough money, only then could we hope changes are made. We hope changes happen to both the data being collected and search history information being sold off. DuckDuckGo is free to use and available across both mobile platforms and the web.