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Duo Video Calling Integrating With More Android Apps

Oct 11, 2017

Google has decided to push Duo video calling further into Android by adding support in other apps. There will be more apps that have Duo video calling integration according to Google. The new app integration will only be available for limited devices at first. There will be more devices supported with the Duo video calling integration later on. If you have an Android device, read on to learn more about the Duo video calling integration into other popular apps.

Google Integrates Duo Video Calling Into More Apps

Good news if you have an Android device as Google just announced Duo video calling is going to be integrated into more apps. The new Duo video calling feature will now be coming to more Android apps, but only for selected devices. After a period of time, more devices will have the deeper Duo video calling integration. You now will be able to video call using several different apps like Android Messages, Phone, and Contacts.

The process that you will have to go through to make a video call will be a little different depending on the app. This means that Duo video calling will be available in Android apps in different ways. The same functionality and features will be present in these supported apps, but the actual video calling process will be a little different.

In the Phone app on Android, the video calling feature will show up in the call history and search option. If you go into the Android Messages app, you will see the video calling option right in the conversation. If you are going through the Contacts app, you will see the video calling option appear by the name of the person.

Duo Video Calling Available on More Android Apps with Requirements

In order to use the new video calling feature inside of other apps, there are some requirements. One of the requirements is that both people in the video call need Google Duo. This means that if you do not have Google Duo but a friend does, you have to download it before video calling. There is a little setup along with the installation of the Duo video calling app. You also need to be running Android 7 or later, as well as the other person in the video call. Other than those couple requirements, the app is easy for anyone to use. With the deeper integration with other Android apps, Google hopes more people will want to use the Duo video calling feature.

For now, the new video calling integration will be on Android One and first-generation Pixel. The Nexus devices also will have the Duo video calling integration right now. Once the Pixel 2 comes out, it will also have the new video calling integration into other apps. Pixel 2 is coming very soon as it should be out by the end of the month.

Google did say that more Android devices will be getting the Duo video calling integration. Google is going to be working with different partners and carriers in order to bring this feature to other Android users. It seems though, that this initial integration on these devices is going to be it for a little while. If you have an Android One, Pixel or Nexus device, then you should check out the video calling integration right now.