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Electron Cash Releases iOS App

Jul 6, 2018

Good news if you are into cryptocurrency as Electron Cash has finally released an iOS app to Apple’s App Store. Electron Cash previously had been beta testing an app for iOS, which was announced a few weeks ago. The company said that the official release would be coming within the next few weeks, so this is not really surprising that the app as released. There are still new features and services that are being worked on for the app, but the main app has been released. We have all of the latest news about the Electron Cash iOS app, so continue reading to learn more about this app.

Electron Cash Cryptocurrency App Lands on iOS

It did not take very long for the Electron Cash app to land on iOS, as the company said it was coming out a few weeks after the beta testing. The developers said that there will be an Android release too, although that one will be down the road. Platform development and architecture for the Android version is going on right now, with a lot of it already completed. We are happy to tell you though, that the Electron Cash app is already on Apple’s App Store, which is great news for those into cryptocurrency.

You will notice that when you first open up Electron Cash, you will have a few options to choose from. This includes importing your existing seeds, using private or existing public keys, or creating anew wallet. There is a mnemonic phrase that you will need to write down that is twelve words if you choose to create a new wallet.

You will then be asked to rewrite the twelve-words once you have written the seed down. There is the option to encrypt your Electron Cash wallet as well with a password, which is a great way to stay protected. You can name your wallet too, and we really love the options and customization available with this cryptocurrency wallet.

Electron Cash iOS App Finally Released as More Versions Are Promised

With Electron Cash on iOS, you also will need to remember to keep the mnemonic phrase and password secret. This is how you will get into your cryptocurrency wallet, and it is important you do not share this information with anyone. You might have noticed how Electron Cash is both a cold storage and hot storage wallet. There are restrictions regarding online access, which means that the transaction signature is always finished offline. You can also check your wallet online by “Viewing Only” which is another level of security.

When it comes to the encrypted keys that are private, you can only use those while on the computer, which is pretty cool. You will need your password anytime you plan on signing an outgoing transaction. The password is also required when you open the app every single time, so there are many levels and layers of security to keep your cryptocurrency safe.

You have everything you need within the wallet interface, including the coins, contacts, settings, wallets, and addresses. These five main settings are found within the wallet interface, and it is really organized for you. You can also see all of your transactions for each wallet, and it is very easy to toggle between all of your wallets.

Electron Cash iOS App Brings Security to Cryptocurrency Users

Security is one of the main priorities with this app, and you can tell that the company takes security and privacy seriously. You will also see a blue banner at the top that has a green light, which means your client is synced and online. If the banner has a red light, that means that the wallet is not currently online. It also means the client is not synced to the network.

Once you check out the app, you will realize how many adjustable settings that Electron Cash has on iOS. You will need to play around with the settings to adjust them to how you want them, but it is a level of flexibility you do not get with a lot of other apps. You can find the Electron Cash app right now available in Apple’s App Store. There are more versions of this app coming down the road, and older versions of the service are getting upgrades on the PC as well.

Once you have checked out the app, we want to hear from you on what you think of this app. Do you like what Electron Cash has done for the iOS version? Have you been using Electron Cash on other platforms previously? What else would you like to see added to the iOS version of the Electron Cash app? Tell us what you think about this app and the services it provides in the comments below. Feel free to tell us about another cryptocurrency app that you feel is very useful too.

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