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Endless Frontier Cheats & Tips Guide – 2018 Updates

May 12, 2017

Endless Frontier is an endless role-playing game that is available on Android and iOS. Endless Frontier was just updated on April 15, 2017, and an in-game community was added. The newest update to Endless Frontier brings the game up to version 1.5.2. Beyond the update, we also thought we would tell you a little bit more about this role-playing game. We are also going to be telling you some of the best tips and tricks to help you out if you are playing Endless Frontier, so continue reading to learn more.

Endless Frontier is an endless role-playing game where you can fight various monsters in a number of different game modes. You will be able to fight in offline RPG guild wars as well as enter into the player-vs-player mode of the game. The online player-vs-player game mode allows you to fight off these legendary monsters with other players of the game. This game is a fantasy role-playing action game where you can also enjoy idle gameplay, and lead the various knights into battle.

There are over 150 different legendary heroes in this game which all come with their own unique skills and powers. You can also recruit over 50 different pets that will help you during your quests and you can become a really efficient monster trainer in the game. There are also over 100 different army units that you can command. One of the goals in this game is to defeat the Prince of Darkness, so you will need to lead your group of knights into that epic battle, among other battles.

You will be able to obtain gold in the game, along with finding treasure chests that contain various rewards. There are also more than 200 relics in Endless Frontier, which can help you during your auto quests. If you defeat the bosses in the boss battles, you will find that there are 20 different treasures that you could win as a reward, as well as rare items that can help you as you progress in the game. Since this is an endless role-playing game with a ton of action and combat, we also thought we would tell you some cool tips and tricks to help you. The tips and tricks we are going to tell you should really help you fight and win battles in Endless Frontier.

Endless Frontier Tips, Tricks & Cheats 2018

Don’t Buy Units With Gems- If you are just starting out in Endless Frontier, you should not be buying units with gems. This is because it will take a lot of gems to evolve your units. If you are just starting out in the game, you do not want to be wasting your gems on the units when there are other things you could be using the gems for. It is better to start off with gems and save them, only spending what you need to at first.

Engage in Side Battles– When you playing Endless Frontier, you want to make sure you are staying current on the side battles and engaging in them as much as you can. You want to engage in all of the side battles that you can because they all will give you gems, honor coins, and other useful items or materials you will need in the game. The Battle Arena will give you daily rewards that depend on the rank you are.

It will also give you gems when you win. The Tower of Trial will give you honor and gems as you move through it. The Dungeon will also give you various materials that will help you get the artifacts. The Spirit Highlands will give you pet fragments, honor coins, and gems. If you want to get the most out of this game in terms of gems and coins, doing the side battles and focusing on side content as well will really help.

Know Your Skills- If you are playing Endless Frontier, you also should know what the general skills are in the game. You can use three skills at a time and each skill will have a cool down period that you need to be aware of as well. If you know the cool down times this will help you during battle because you will know how long you have to wait to use the skill again. There are five main general skills in the game, and you need to try to memorize them before engaging in heavy battle. The Explosion Shaking Heaven and Earth skill will basically be useful for your standard enemies. This skill will summon the Sword of Destruction.

The Blessings from Angels skill will make your character immune to the magical damage, but only for a certain period of time. This skill will also help you recover Hit Points as a unit. The Shouts of Victory Skill will recover unit Hit Points and also will make your characters immune to physical damage. Again, the immunity is only for a short period of time. The Tower of Babel skill will allow you to strike lightning on your enemies, although it does nothing to hurt bosses. The Skyward Sword will allow you to drop numerous swords from the sky. This skill will hurt both the normal enemies and also the boss enemies, so you can use this skill on anything.

Know about Quests- Lastly, we thought we would give you a general tip about quests if you are starting out in Endless Frontier. The durations of the quests are all different, because each quest will have different durations, and this means that some quests could take a long time. One thing that is important to remember is that when it comes to getting rewards like gold for the quests, is that it does affect how much gold you get from the field treasure chests.

If you want to earn more gold during the quests, then you need to upgrade the quest to the highest tier possible. Some quests you might finish in a few minutes, while others might take days, the biggest thing to remember is to finish them because that is the only way for you to get the rewards. Do not just quit a quest because it is taking longer than you thought.