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Enhanced Tracking Protection Added to Firefox Focus Android

Dec 25, 2018

Enhanced tracking protection has come to the Android version of Firefox Focus. This is great news for those who have the privacy-minded app on their Android device. There are also some changes to the iOS version of Firefox Focus, so we wanted to share those details with you as well.

If you have not tried out Firefox Focus yet, we definitely suggest that you do. Firefox Focus is all about being privacy-minded, meaning it will offer you more protections than the regular Firefox browser on your mobile device. Keep reading to learn more details about the update to the Firefox Focus apps on both iOS and Android.

Firefox Focus for Android Adds Enhanced Tracking Protection

We wanted to first tell you about the update to the Android version of Firefox Focus. The biggest thing you will notice in this new Android update is the new enhanced tracking protection. This is a great addition because it allows you to better control the data you share with websites. There are a ton of new security measures in place with the enhanced tracking protection. If there are certain websites you do want to share your information with, you now have the option to do that. Along with selecting sites to share information with, you can also do other things.

The enhanced tracking protection first showed up on Firefox 63 back in October, but this is the first version where it can be found within the Android app. When it comes to how your online activities are tracked, these new features will give you even more control and options. For one thing, you can block all of the cookies on a certain website if you want. You also can just block all third-party cookies overall, or you can choose to block the cross-site trackers.

Cross-site trackers are annoying and an invasion of privacy because it follows the things you do when you are browsing the web. Your internet experience overall is much quicker with the enhanced tracking protection. You will also notice that opting out of having your behaviors tracked on websites gives you a better sense of privacy. As you likely know by now, a lot of websites sell your online activities to third-party advertisers and websites. If this is something that concerns you, then you will love the new controls in Firefox Focus on Android.

Enhanced Tracking Protection not Only New Feature in Firefox Focus for Android

Beyond the enhanced tracking protection, there are also other new features found in the Android version of Firefox Focus. Another feature you will notice is the Safe Browsing service from Google is also included. This Safe Browsing service will stop you from going to a shady website, including giving you a warning from within the browser. If that URL has been flagged, this warning will pop-up in the browser to let you know. This is definitely a great addition because sometimes it can be hard to tell what website might be shady before you click on it.

As far as the iOS version of Firefox Focus goes, there is an update to that app as well. This new iOS update will allow you to share the searches you are performing with the search providers. If you are making a search, you will also now see automated suggestions. This is a great addition because automated suggestions means you do not have type the entire search word to begin your query. In a previous update for the Firefox Focus iOS app, it updated with Face ID lock tab functionality. That was a huge improvement for privacy because it prevents people from snooping at what you are doing or looking at while browsing.

What Do You Think of Enhanced Tracking Protection on Firefox Focus?

We want to know in the comments below what you think of the new enhanced tracking protection on the Android version of Firefox Focus. Do you think that having these new controls will make your browsing experience better? Are you someone who is still using the regular Firefox app on your iOS or Android device? If you have not yet downloaded Firefox Focus onto your mobile device, we want to know what has stopped you. Are you concerned with privacy while you are browsing or do you think it does not really matter at this point?

If you would like to check out the new features added to Firefox Focus, you can download the newest version of the app right now. You will find the update is live on both Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store. If you have Firefox Focus on your mobile device, you should see the new update rolling out within days if you have not received it already. Once you have tried it out on either iOS or Android, come back and tell us what you think of all of the new features and improvements.

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