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Epic Games Launches Epic Games Store to Compete with Steam

Dec 13, 2018

Some interesting news coming out of the Steam world this week as it appears a new competitor in the form of Epic Games has launched. Epic Games, the company behind the hugely successful game Fortnite, has decided to open the Epic Games Store. This store is going to be competing with Steam.

Steam is not the only gaming company that will have some competition now either. Whether it is Apple, Valve, or Google, Epic Games Store is going to be some huge competition, and we already are seeing some of that now. Keep reading to learn more about the Epic Games Store and how this new digital platform will be competing with Steam.

Epic Games Store will Compete with Steam & Other Digital Gaming Brands

Fornite has become a huge success ever since it was released and now there are more than 200 million players registered in the game. Think about that for a second because that means more than 200 million Epic Games account exist in this world already. The company behind Fortnite has decided to turn the success of the game into an entire digital gaming empire. Epic Games Store has just been launched and it is going to be competing with Valve, Apple, and Google.

In order to get game developers on board with Epic Games Store, there are some incentives that Epic Games is offering developers. One thing is that the game developer and publisher will take an 88 percent cut of the profiles. Most others within the gaming industry have about a 70 percent to 30 percent split. Epic Games wants you to choose Epic Games Store over places like Steam by offering you as a game developer more of the sales cut.

Epic Games Store Launches as Fortnite Becomes Insane Success

It only has been around 15 months since Fortnite was released, but everyone knows the name of the game at this point. Fortnite is now a household name, and with that comes a lot of success for Epic Games. Epic Games decided to turn this success into Epic Games Store, which is where the company wants you to go to publish your digital games. About 80 million people per month are playing Fortnite, so there is a lot of possible revenue to be made here.

Epic Games launcher is where you go to play Fortnite, which is the unique software that Epic Games created to get you to play on your PC, Android, or Mac device. If you have not used the Epic Games launcher yet, you will notice it is similar to what Google Play or Steam is like.

It is even similar to the App Store created by Apple. By that we mean you can manage your account, check out your games library, update your games, communicate with your friends, and much more. You can also keep track of all of your purchases using the Epic Games launcher.

Curated Games at Center of Epic Games Store

The Epic Games launcher is now basically the Epic Games Store, and many hand-curated games will be launching. These hand-curated games will be supported on both Mac and PC at first, with Android support coming later on. Not only is Android going to be supported, but other platforms will also be supported within 2019.

A new digital storefront for gaming is very exciting, both for the gaming industry and for Epic Games. This will compete with Steam, which is thought to be the biggest PC gaming platform out there. Even though there are only a few games on the platform right now, it is going to quickly expand within the coming weeks.

A free game every two weeks is going to be part of Epic Games Store, and that is one of many great benefits of this launch. We have already seen some developers choose to stop their game from being published to Steam and join up with Epic Games Store.

What Do You Think of Epic Games Store & Will You Join?

Since the revenue split is much higher on Epic Games Store, we will see even more developers in the future move out of doing business with Valve. We are definitely excited to see what all will come of the Epic Games Store, and we know it has a chance to become a huge success.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of the new Epic Games Store. Are you someone on Steam right now but are thinking about moving to the new Epic Games storefront? Do you plan on using both Steam and Epic Games Store in the future? Will you wait to see what games come to Epic Games Store before you decide to try out it? Do you think this competition is great for Valve and the other digital gaming platforms? What games do you hope will come to the Epic Games Store in the future?