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Epic Games Releases Live Link Face App to Bring Facial Animations to Unreal Engine

Jul 15, 2020

If you’re someone that likes to play games from the developer Epic Games, you might want to check out the new iOS app that Epic Games just released. This new app is called Live Link Face app and it allows you to make facial expressions for characters that can then be uploaded to the Unreal Engine. You won’t need any special tools to use this app either since it just uses the front-facing camera that’s already on your iOS device. The Live Link Face app is going to enhance gaming and will be an incredible tool for developers and creators.

Live Link Face App Allows Characters to Have Real Facial Expressions

What’s really cool about the Live Link Face app is that it’s going to allow your characters to have real facial expressions. You will be able to record any facial expressions that you want and then import all of these expressions into the Unreal Engine. The facial animations can be streamed in real-time right to your characters within the Unreal Engine. Epic Games is hoping that this new way of creating and recording facial expressions will be useful for creators and game developers.

Epic Games was able to make an app that can import facial expressions in real-time to the Unreal Engine by utilizing existing technologies. The company used both the ARKit and the TrueDepth camera to make this happen. ARKit is the augmented reality system that has gained a lot of traction with game developers over the past couple of years. If you hadn’t heard about the TrueDepth camera before, it was first released to the iPhone X, which was back in 2017.

Live Link Face App Offers Real-Time Facial Expression Capabilities from Anywhere

What’s really nifty about the Live Link Face app is that this app can work from anywhere at any time. You will be able to remotely use the app, which allows you to simultaneously record from multiple iOS devices at once. This would allow you to do things such as capture expressions from multiple people at the same time. The app can adjust between the people natively and that’s something unique to this particular app from Epic Games.

The Live Link Face app is also managed just by one click, so there are no confusing settings or multiple steps that you have to take. After you’ve imported the facial expressions to the Unreal Engine, you can even adjust them from within the engine itself. Unreal Engine is what powers some of the most popular mobile games, so you’ll find that this app is going to be useful for many of your favorite games. You will be able to check out this app for yourself if you’re a developer and it’s definitely worth checking out to see what it’s all about.

Epic Games Releases Live Link Face App But Isn’t the First to Use Apple Technologies for Animation

While the Live Link Face app is definitely a new type of app, it’s not the first to use the Apple technologies available to aid with animations. Developers began to build apps meant to generate various facial expressions right after the iPhone X was released. There was a Walking Dead AR game that was released a couple of years ago that utilized the technologies to generate facial expressions. This is the first time though that an app is building the functionality right into the Unreal Engine, so it’s still a huge deal.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of the Live Link Face app and whether or not you’ll be using this app in the future. Do you think that it’s going to make it easier for the creators to use facial expressions in games?

Will you be checking out the app and will you give your game characters real-time facial expressions? Do you think more app developers need to utilize these technologies in order to make games more realistic? What is your favorite game from Epic Games and do you think that this new app is going to bring even more people to the Epic Games Store? Lastly, do you think more developers will use the Unreal Engine thanks to this new functionality?