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Essential Phone Update Brings New Notch Settings

Apr 11, 2018

Essential Phone has released a new update to the PH-1 smartphone. This is one of the flagship smartphones that comes from the co-founder of Android. There have been many stories about Essential smartphones lately, because the brand is getting quite a bit of recognition now. Between the new notch design and the flagship device, these phones are being touted as reliable and wallet-friendly. We knew about the notch already, since PH-1 introduced the notch concept on the smartphones. Read on to learn about what this new Essential Phone update brings in regards to notches and other cool features that have been added.

Essential Phone Update Brings Notch Settings & More

There are new notch settings in the Essential Phone update, and this comes with the Android 8.1 release build 141. The option to now customize this notch is present in this update, which is pretty cool. If you have not heard about the notch before, it is a circle that goes around the front camera. The microphone and proximity sensor are both hidden within the frame. Essential Phone thought that this was a good idea for a notch design, but it lacked a lot of customization options. With this new update, there are not customization options available to you to try out.

In the new Essential Phone update, the April Security Bulletin was also already applied. The latest version of Android is coming out in this update, which is where the new notch options come from. There is even a completely new setting called “Essential Notch Settings” which is where you will go to begin the customization process. You can go into the “Settings” and then go into “System” and then click “Developer Options” to see all of the notch settings.

Essential Phone Update Adds Customization for Notch Settings

Getting more into the details of the notch settings, there are three options now within the settings. One is called “Essential Recommended” and this is the main setting Essential wants you to use. There is another setting called “Always Use Notch Area.” The third setting is “Don’t Use Notch Area in Landscape” which means that no text or images will be shown underneath the notch if you are in landscape mode. If you enable that setting, if you hold the smartphone horizontally, you will not see anything underneath the notch. Even better is that you are able to customize the notch settings for each app.

This means that you are able to change up the notch settings for apps like video streaming. The video streaming apps could stretch out the videos to fit your whole screen. You also could stop the text apps from stretching out to the edges if you want. The ability to customize the notch settings for individual apps is great news, and very cool.

Essential Phone Update a Welcome Addition of Features

The other notable feature included in this Essential phone update is that Bluetooth 5.0 has been added. That is definitely good news as well, but the new notch settings take the cake as far as great features in this update. We are super excited about the new Essential phone update because it brings many more features to the users. Let us not forget that Android 8.1 is really good in terms of features, updates, and support by itself.

Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Are you excited about the new notch settings on the Essential phones? Which setting are you going to be using the most? We know that Essential is still new to the smartphone market. That brings us to the question on whether you have checked out the Essential smartphones yet? Do you think Essential is a brand that is here to stay or just a quick popular smartphone that will end up going away after a while?