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Essential Phones Moving Straight to Android 8.1

Jan 31, 2018

Instead of going to Android 8.0, Essential phones are going to be moving right ahead to Android 8.1 Oreo. Essential phones were supposed to get Android Oreo last year, but that date came and went without Oreo coming to Essential. Now, the company said that Android 8.0 is just being skipped altogether, and instead, 8.1 will be coming. If you have one of the Essential phones, read on to learn more about this news.

Essential Phones Soon Updating to Android 8.1 Oreo

The good news is that it is about time the Essential phones will be upgrading to Android 8.1 Oreo. Since Essential missed the date last year to roll out Android Oreo to devices, the new update will be a welcome for many users. The new update to Android 8.1 will begin in a couple weeks which is great news. You will not be waiting much longer if you have one of the Essential phones. From what we know, all phones will get the update via the over-the-air method.

When we look deeper at Essential phones, the PH-1 is running right now on Android Nougat, which means it will go from Nougat to Oreo 8.1. That means it will be skipping Android 8.0 altogether, moving straight to the newest Android operating system. Essential released a statement saying that there were stability issues when the company was going through the beta program. If you want to try out the update before it officially launches, you can join the beta program right now.

Essential Phones Finally Getting Android Oreo After Wait

In order to become part of the beta program though, you have to sideload the Android Oreo operating system onto your device. It is also warned that with Essential phones, you will not have the same stability as you do with the current operating system if you move ahead with the beta program. Essential was quick to point out that Android 8.0 has had many stability issues. We do not know if these issues were specific to the PH-1 itself or not. The stability issues could be related to Android 8.0 itself, but either way, this will push back the official release for a couple weeks.

Essential is a small team of people so they are really trying to do a lot under the gun here. By this we mean this small team might not be able to fix huge problems. Since the devices are skipping Android 8.0 and moving to 8.1, the hope is that the team will be able to solve any smaller problems that might arise.

Essential Phones Looking at Update for Improved Stability

With Android 8.0, the issues were just too much for this team to manage and get out an updated operating system quickly. So instead of worrying about the stability issues with Android 8, moving to Android 8.1 hopefully will resolve most of those problems.

As far as we have heard, we have not heard of phone manufacturers running into any issues with Android 8.0. This could mean the issue is more with Essential phones rather than being a problem with Android 8 altogether. Have you updated to Android 8 yet? Did you notice any issues with your update? We want to hear from you on whether or not you are experiencing the same issues that Essential noticed with Android 8.0. Let us know in the comments about your expectations for this update and if you think it is a good idea to skip Android 8 and move to Android 8.1.