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Essential Smartphone Manufacturer Opens Android Oreo Beta

Nov 19, 2017

If you have an Android smartphone by Essential, the company has some good news for you. Essential smartphones can now give you the Android Oreo beta. You do not need to be a developer in order to download the new Android Oreo beta either. This update comes as Android Oreo is only now on .3 percent of all Android devices. That is a significantly low number of adoption for Android, even by the Android standards of adoption. Read on to learn more about the Essential smartphone and what all might be coming in this update.

Essential Smartphone Maker Brings Android Oreo Beta to Everyone

Essential, which is an Android smartphone manufacturer, is rolling out the Android Oreo beta to everyone. It does not matter if you are a developer or not, since Essential is making this beta available to all people with an Essential device. This is going to be for all of the flagship Android devices that are made from Essential. One of the first smartphone manufacturers to get the Android Oreo update was Essential. Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ just got the Android Oreo update earlier in the month. Most people have been fairly happy with the update. The Pixel smartphones had the Android Oreo update back in August. It appears that Pixel was the very first Android device to get the update, which makes sense due to it being a Google product.

There are a ton of changes with Android Oreo. Android Oreo is Android 8.0, and you will find many changes in this update. That includes better battery life and speed, better overall performance, refreshed menu sections, and badge notifications. Even with all of the good changes that are coming to Android Oreo, not many Android devices have adopted the operating system. Android Oreo is only running on about .3 percent of all Android devices. We have long known Android lags well behind iOS in terms of adoption rates. Even though Android lags behind, .3 percent adoption for the newest operating system is pretty abysmal.

Essential Smartphone Brings Android Oreo to Devices

Since Android Oreo is still in the beta mode, you should keep that in mind with your Essential smartphone. This means that you might run into glitches or bugs within the Android Oreo beta. If you are someone that only has one Android device, you probably should skip the beta and wait until the official release hits Essential smartphones. In fact, Essential has already come out to talk about a few issues it found already with the Android Oreo beta update.

One issue is that there are some Android Auto issues along with some stability problems with the Bluetooth. You will also need to be a little tech-savvy in order to get the Android Oreo beta update to correctly work. Installation can take some knowledge, but after that, things seem to be working okay. The good news is that the stable release of Android Oreo for Essential should be coming very soon. Once the beta arrives, the stable version often times is not that far behind.

We are happy to be talking about Android Oreo, as there are really some cool features coming with this update. Android 7.0 Nougat did not really have a whole lot of new features to offer. That is also why Android Oreo is going to be one of the best upgrades, since we felt a little sad about the lack of upgrades in the previous update. If you would like to check out the Android Oreo beta right now, head into your Essential smartphone and you will see the option. Make sure before you go through with the upgrade that you backup all of your information and data first.