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Evernote Revamps iOS App in Latest Update

Jan 18, 2017

When it comes to increasing productivity, Evernote has always been one of the most popular apps if you are trying to take notes and get organized. Now, the popular app is simplifying on iOS and making performance better to help you take the notes you need when you need them.

New Evernote iOS Update Adds Speed & Other Improvements

Productivity is a major issue for people these days, whether you are trying to be more organized and get more done in your personal life or professional life. One way that people can increase productivity is by using apps like Evernote for iOS, which is a note-taking app. Now, this ever-popular app is getting an upgrade on iOS. The focus on this update is to increase both speed and performance and make things more simple.

Evernote just moved to version 8 on iOS, and you will first notice that the home screen looks different. Your most recent notes will be right there waiting on you as soon as you open the app. There is also a note preview section, which allows you to see the notes you have that contain text or a lot of content. On the bottom of the new Evernote 8 for iOS, you will notice that there is a navigation bar that has been enhanced and upgraded. This new navigation bar will allow you to see your shortcuts, view your Evernote account, search your notes, and check out all of your notes.

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You will also notice a new menu bar that is in the center of the screen. This menu bar is a green plus sign, and this is where you will go when you want to begin a note. You can long press and then swipe up, which allows you to then make a note via audio. You will swipe up to capture a photo or add another reminder too.

When it comes to Evernote Business, you can now separate the business notes from your personal notes. This allows you to be more effective in both your personal and professional life, since you get to categorize and organize your notes based on which category they fall into. You also will have easy access to both your personal and business notes. Basically, you will no longer need to spend a lot of time navigating around and can spend more time being productive. You also will be able to switch between the business account and personal account by long pressing on the account icon.

When it comes to your notebook collection, you can filer them now by the tags that you use. You will notice this is now at the top of the screen within the Evernote iOS app. There is very good search functionality in Evernote 8, so you will notice searching is a lot quicker in this updated version and a lot more useful. The entire app was also re-written on the backend to provide you with more performance and speed. Syncing times are much quicker now, going between accounts is much quicker now, and it is much more responsive than it was before. Even if you do not want to pay for the complete full version of Evernote, you can get a lot of these features in Evernote 8 for free.

When it comes to Evernote, the company caught some slack about a month ago when it changed the privacy policy. The changes made people think that the engineers could look into your notes, but Evernote was quick to clarify how the new privacy policy works. The engineers can look at notes, but the company says the engineers do not know who those notes belong to. The ability to look at notes helps Evernote when it comes to the machine capabilities and learning capabilities of the app. You can choose to password-protect your notes in Evernote if you do not want to be part of that policy though, so you can opt out anytime you want from the machine learning features.

You can find all of the new updates to Evernote 8 rolling out now on iOS devices and it should come through an over-the-air update if you have the app installed already. If you do not have Evernote already installed on your iOS device, you can head to Apple’s App Store to pickup Evernote 8 right now.