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Evernote Sharing Tools on Android Gets Makeover

Mar 28, 2017

When it comes to Evernote, the Android app has always been pretty amazing. In fact, even the general sharing abilities on Android have been pretty good. Now, Evernote is making the process even easier with an updated look to the sharing tools. We have all the latest news on the new Evernote sharing tools, which will help you share anything and everything you can think of with the click of a button.

Evernote Sharing Tools Gets Makeover on Android

Evernote just rolled out a new version of the Evernote app for Android. One of the things you might notice now in Evernote is that there is a built-in sharing tool, which will allow you to send your notes to anyone regardless of which messaging app they use. You will not have to leave Evernote now to share your notes, and it streamlines the process of sharing on your Android device.

The built-in sharing tools right now are only available on the newest version for Android only. It is likely that the new built-in Evernote sharing tools will hit other platforms at a later date, but for now this is an Android-only feature. In order to use this feature, just open up the sharing tool and then the app will ask you for an email address. You also can input the Evernote username of the person you would like to share your note with. If the person does not have an Evernote account, then they will get an email giving them the access to the note. If the person already has an Evernote account, the note you shared will show up right in their account.

Another cool thing is that you can share your notes with anyone through any of the messaging apps that you have on your Android device. If you would rather share through a messaging app click on the “Share another way” option and then click on the messaging app that you would like to use instead. The other app does not open up during this process and instead, there is a link that is automatically sent to it from Evernote.

If you open up the Evernote app on Android now, you will see the Shared section. This Shared section of the app is part of the makeover and was not on previous versions of this app. There are a ton of tools that can help you sort and filter your notes. You will also notice that you will see every notebook and note that has been shared with you in this Shared section.

If you are wondering about the new features of this app on Android, it is important to point out that this seems like a server-side change. These new features were not part of the previous update to Evernote, so it seems that it was just added into the newest version of this app through the servers. You can open up the app on your Android device right now and likely will also see the changes, including the new Shared section of the app.

If you would like to check out the new look and redesign of this app on Android, along with the new Sharing tools, you can download the newest version of the app right now from Google Play Store if you do not already have the app installed on your device. Hopefully, these changes will help you share your notes with more people without the hassle of worrying about using just the basic options in the previous version or having to worry about opening up another app to share the information with friends, family, and colleagues.