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Evidson Audio Sport W6 Headphones Review

May 2, 2016

Evidson Audio Sport W6 Headphones Review: It is unlikely that you have heard of Evidson before, and even with us it had not until got in touch and either sent its product for review. This small operation was held in Cochin, Kerala and it is run by a group the audio enthusiasts. Across various Southern states the company’s products can be found. Currently Evidson has a small range of the affordable headphones, which are ranging in price from Rs. 449 to Rs. 1,149.Evidson Audio Sport W6 Review

Evidson Audio Sport W6 Headphones Review

Today we will give the review about the top end Evidson Audio Sport W6 in-ear headset, which is available in the three colours, black, pink and white. The headphones will easily and securely sit in your ears while you are working out.Evidson Audio Sport W6


The Evidson Audio uses the dynamic drivers and has rated a impedance of 16Ohms. The frequency response ranges from the 20-20,000Hz and the sensitivity measures in at 118dB. The headset has the standard of 1.3mm rubber cable, that too along with the microphone and the single button in-line remote. A total of the five sets of the ear-tips are also included in this small box: small, medium, bi-flange, tri-flange and large, so that should be fairly easy to find the one that suits you.Evidson Audio Sport W6 Headphone

The earphones are made entirely of the plastic, which will help to keep the set light and relatively comfortable to wear. It is the basic looking pair of the headphones, which are neither very good looking nor even bad. We did not like the white variant of the headphone very much, but the other black and pink versions looks a bit more interseting.Evidson Audio Sport W6 Headphone Review

The ear casings of the head phone are much larger than what we have seen with the other in-ear headphones, and thus have to reset just inside the outer ear. Additionally, the cords have to be looped over your ears to support and the rubber hooks are included for that purpose only. While the fit is secure enough for casings to stay in the place, but the constant strain on your outer ears might become hard to bear over time.

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The standard rubber cable of the W6 is extremely tangle-prone and needed the untangling pretty much every time when it came out from our backpack. Though it is fairly durable and there is no cable noise at all, and that would be excellent if you are planning to use the headphones while running. It also have an angled 3.5mm pin and that is easier to plug in or out. Overall, the headset manages a decent balance of the functional looks, durability and design.Evidson Audio Sport W6 First Impression


With our reference to Fiio X1 high-resolution audio player we used the Evidson Audio Sport W6, and a Android smartphone and a Windows laptop. Focus tracks for the review were Gorillaz Stylo, Zomboy’s Nuclear and Royksopp’s Poor Leno.

First, we started with the Poor Leno, then immediately felt a sound that was clean and open. The responses in the mid-range were excellent as is the high end. For a product in this range the sound is easy going and very detailed. There is not any strong bias towards any part of the frequency response range and will help with pretty much with any kind of the music. Imaging and separation are great as well and experience feels rich and full as the result.Evidson Audio Sport W6 Box

Then with the Stylo, we noticed the gentle but a tight bass response. Thanks to the neutral characteristics of Audio Sport W6 that there seems to be an equal sensitivity boost across the range. It means that the thump of bass can just about be felt but it is never overbearing or excessive.

Finally, we raised the volume with Nuclear to see what the Evidson Audio Sport W6 is capable of.  Inspite of very loud, there is also no audible distortion. But yes the drive and attack are satisfactory for the bass- heavy tracks. The clean sound and the neutrality are certainly excellent, but the general excitement and the bass attack tend to fall a bit short. But yes, this is not a bad sound at all, especially at this price.


  • Clean and fairly neutral sound
  • Decent build quality
  • Decent mids and highs


  • Slightly weak lows
  • Extremely tangle-prone cable