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Exobot Malware Trojan Found to Steal Banking Information on Android

May 8, 2019

There have been many kinds of malware found to infect Android devices over the years. One of the more sophisticated types of malware that researchers are warning about right now is Exobot. Exobot malware is becoming more of an issue for those on Android these days. Even though this malware was discovered back near the end of 2016, it has evolved and now has become very popular. If you have an Android device, read on to learn more about Exobot malware and what this nasty malware can do to your device and beyond.

Android Exobot Malware Aims to Steal Financial Information

Exobot malware has one main purpose, which is to steal your financial information. If your financial information is stolen, then that means the hackers can steal your money. This sophisticated malware is now becoming a huge problem this year. That is because the entire source code to this malware was just leaked online. We don’t know if the author of the malware is responsible for leaking the entire source code. It’s possible that the malware was sold to someone else. Either way, nearly three-years after Exobot malware appeared on Android, it’s now more of a threat than ever before.

It’s a little bit unclear of what exactly happened between the end of 2016 to now, but the entire source code for Exobot is now on many different hacker forms. It began about a year ago, but new research is showing that Exobot is continuing to rise and concerns are now much higher than before. An analysis of Exobot was just released by WatchGuard Technologies, which is a well-known cybersecurity firm. The researchers are warning people about this banking malware found on Android because it’s so damaging compared to other malware.

Exobot Malware is Considered a Botnet

When talking about why Exobot is so damaging on Android the main issue is that this is a botnet malware. Botnet malware are some of the worst out there because it allows an infected device to be accessed remotely. With this malware, you will find it’s hidden inside of a malicious app, which can include banking app fakes or financial app fakes.

The malware works by putting an overlay over top of the banking app you downloaded. You start entering your financial information and that information is then sent back to the malware servers. From there, those hackers can get into your bank or other financial institutions. Before you know it, your money could be stolen right out of your account without any warning something was amiss.

This means you could end up downloading a banking app outside of the Google Play Store thinking it’s the real banking app you need. The reality is that it could be the Exobot malware posed as the legit app and then the app will go on and steal your financial information. We should stop right here though and say once again, you should never be downloading apps outside of Google Play Store. Hackers and other scammers are most often found outside of the legit Google Play Store.

What’s so Threatening about Exobot?

You might be wondering what the big deal is with Exobot, which is a good question to ask. The main issue here according to the report by WatchGuard is that it can actually target more than 150 sites automatically. Not only that, but Exobot also can adapt, which makes it more of a threat.

Exobot can target Western Union, Facebook, PayPal, Amazon, and many other sites. Essentially, any site or app where you might give your financial information or banking information. This malware is also very sophisticated meaning that it can hide itself. Since this malware can hide itself, it will not be detected by many of the analysis tools out there.

Exobot has even disabled some of the antivirus programs running on Android before, including BitDefender and Avast. It also can infect Android devices running the latest operating system and might not need typical Android permissions either. So not only can this malware fool you into downloading the malicious app, but it can stay hidden from the normal tools that detect malware.

In order to best protect yourself from malware like Exobot, do not download apps outside of Google Play Store. Even inside of Google Play Store, only download apps from trusted sources and read reviews before you actually download an app. We want to know in the comments what you think about Exobot malware. Do you think the entire source code being released online is really a bad sign? Are you someone who downloads apps from third-party sources? What are you doing to ensure your financial information is safe online and on your device?