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Face ID & Touch ID Sign-In for iCloud Testing on iOS 13 Beta

Jul 10, 2019

We have some great news coming out of the beta program for iOS 13 and it involves a new way to sign into the iCloud website. There is testing going on right now that would allow you to sign into iCloud using both Face ID and Touch ID. This is likely going to be an upcoming feature in iOS 13 when the official product is released, but it’s in beta testing starting this week. We have the latest details about the new iOS 13 feature so read on to learn more information.

New iCloud Sign-In Allowing Face ID & Touch ID Spotted in iOS 13 Beta

A new feature is currently being tested out on iOS 13 which would allow you to sign into iCloud using either Touch ID or Face ID. This new feature is being tested out as part of the iOS 13 beta program. It’s not only being tested on iOS 13 though, as it’s also testing on the iPadOS as well as macOS Catalina. Depending on which device you are using at the time, you will be able to now sign into your Apple account using Touch ID or Face ID.

If you go to the iCloud website, you are redirected to the beta site which is beta.icloud.com and this is where you get the prompts to sign into the Apple iCloud website. You will need to use your normal Apple ID to sign-in and then just click on “Continue.”

If you are using the iPad Pro, you will now have the ability to use Face ID as authentication instead of using your password. On devices that have Touch ID, this option will pop up and allow you to bypass entering in your password. Simply use your fingerprint to sign-in and you will not need to go through the two-factor authentication process.

Apple Testing New Face ID & Touch ID in iOS 13 Beta as New Sign in With Apple Feature Imminent

This news is coming on the heels of a new feature Apple is about to release called Sign In with Apple. The feature gives you the ability to sign into websites and apps using your Apple ID. The Face ID and Touch ID option for the iCloud website is likely part of this and it will make it easier for you to sign into your Apple account anywhere.

Not only will this Sign in with Apple feature make things easier for you, but it’s also going to be a lot more secure than other services that offer similar features. You might have noticed Twitter, Google, and Facebook are all using an option to sign into websites using your associated account. With the Sign In with Apple feature, it’s going to be more secure since Touch ID or Face ID is used instead of passwords. This means no personal data is being sent to the developers of the apps or websites.

Official iOS 13 Drops this Fall as iOS 13 Beta Adds More Sign-In Features

Another huge benefit to Sign In with Apple is that you can create an email address that is randomly-generated. This means you will be able to hide your real email address when you are signing up for services or websites, which is another great privacy-focused feature. We are very excited about this email option because we hate giving out our real email to websites and apps that might sell or use the data inappropriately. It should cut down on the amount of spam you see in your real email.

As more sign-in features hit the beta version of iOS 13 we won’t have to wait too long to get the official release of the newest Apple operating system. The official version of iOS 13 is slated to be released in a couple months, likely in September or October. All of the new sign-in features we have mentioned are going to be a part of iOS 13, but also will be available on websites and on macOS. We will hopefully be able to tell you more details about all of this as it gets closer to the release of iOS 13.

In the comments below, we want to know how you feel about iOS 13 and the new sign-in features. Are you someone who will be signing into websites and apps with your Apple account? Do you like the Touch ID and Face ID option so that you don’t have to enter a password? Are you excited to get the option to have an email address randomly-generated so you don’t have to use your real one? What other features in iOS 13 that you’ve heard about are you excited to try?