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FaceApp Hits Android

Feb 16, 2017

If you are running Android, you might be excited to learn that the popular iOS app FaceApp has finally become available on Google Play Store. This app is super popular on iOS, even though it gets mixed reviews. Essentially, with FaceApp you can change your pictures to make yourself smile, and it is one of the most well-known face-morphing apps out there.

FaceApp Now Available on Android

The super popular face-morphing app FaceApp finally has hit Google Play. Just in two weeks on iOS, this fun app was downloaded over one million times, which is pretty impressive. FaceApp also ended up hitting number one in the photo category in nine different countries. Not only that, but, FaceApp also ended up number one on the top free apps lists in six different areas.

CEO of FaceApp, Yaroslav Goncharov, said that this app has been a long time in the making for Android. The reason it took a while to hit Android was because of the fact that the company needed to ensure the servers could handle the iOS version. Once the servers were shown to handle FaceApp on iOS, it became clear the servers were ready to handle Android as well.

FaceApp is not like Snapchat or any of those other social and photography apps out there, which focus on filters to change pictures. Instead, FaceApp actually will use blending of your facial features to morph your face into various expressions. Whether you want a big smile from a closed mouth picture or you want your frown to turn into a smile, FaceApp does it all. You can change your age in the FaceApp morphs as well, so you can make yourself look 10 years older or younger if you want. Beyond that, FaceApp also can change your gender, which is pretty cool.

The developer of FaceApp is Wireless Lab, which is a Russian company. Wireless Lab said that the app works because there is a machine learning method known as neural networks. This technology is what allows the app to change the faces that you upload and morph them into different types. The servers on the backend of the app are what really do the work, and the app goes to great lengths to ensure the pictures look realistic no matter which morphing feature you are using. There are several different features on the FaceApp, although some of the features look more realistic than others.

When it comes to the features, some people have said that the smiles look pasted onto the picture instead of looking natural. Sometimes it just depends on the picture that you use on FaceApp, and other times it depends on how big of a change you are trying to make with the picture in the app. Most of the time, the features and editing you can do in FaceApp does look real, and very legit. This is especially true if you are using the gender or aging features, which really can alter your photos dramatically as if it was naturally taken that way. The best part about FaceApp is that it lets you play around with various styles and functions, most of which are things you cannot actually change on the person in the picture. If you would like to try out FaceApp, you can download it right now through Google Play.