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Facebook Adds GIF Support in Comments on iOS

Jun 18, 2017

If you have an iOS device, you should probably know about the latest Facebook update to come to Apple’s App Store. This new Facebook update adds GIF support to the comment section. You might be wondering about GIF support already being on Facebook before, which is partially true. The new iOS Facebook update makes the GIF option in the comments a native feature. Read on to learn more about the new native GIF support feature coming to the Facebook iOS app.

Facebook Adds Native GIF Support for iOS

While you might have been able to add a GIF here and there in the comment section, it was always a little difficult to do on Facebook before this update. This new iOS update adds a GIF button for the comment section, which makes the GIF support for Facebook on iOS a native feature. You will notice that there is a new button right by the emoji button on the Facebook iOS app.

This new button by the emoji button is now the native GIF support icon. If you would like to share a GIF, all you have to do now is click the button and then search for a GIF you want to use. You can scroll through the various GIFs offered or you can type in the GIF name you want to find. You can then click to share the GIF if you want as well.

Facebook wrote a post saying that the new native GIF support on the iOS Facebook app is in part to celebrate the anniversary of the GIF. The GIF was actually created many years ago, back in June 1987 by a man named Steve Wilhite. Facebook thought it would be a good idea to add the native GIF support to the Facebook iOS app on the anniversary of the creation of the GIF. There will also be some new GIFs on the iOS Facebook app thanks to a collaboration with GIPHY. GIPHY is one of the most popular and useful GIF services out there, and this is also part of the celebration of the GIF anniversary.

Native GIF Support Finally Hits Facebook iOS App

There is also going to be a survey on Facebook for people using the iOS app, and this survey will once and for all put the debate on how you say GIF to rest. That is what Facebook is hoping anyways with the survey. There is still a lot of debate on how you say GIF, with some people saying it with a hard “G” sound. Other people though, use the soft “G” sound when saying GIF.

The creator of GIF said back in 2013 that you say GIF with the soft “G.” This means that it is pronounced, according to the creator of GIF, as “JIF.” Similar to the peanut butter brand, Jiffy, in terms of the sound of the “G” in GIF. This is definitely still a debatable topic for many people, and you will hear it pronounced both ways to this day.

The new native GIF support for the Facebook iOS app should be available right now to everyone around the world. This was a global rollout for Facebook, so you likely will see it on both the iOS app as well as the web version and Android version. If you already have Facebook on your Apple device, you should be getting the new update which adds the GIF support within the next day or two. It is possible that you already have the app updated on your iOS device, since this update was released a couple days ago officially. You can also choose to download the update manually from Apple’s App Store for free if you do not want to wait for the update to hit your device.