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Facebook Android App Draining Battery Life

Nov 21, 2016

When it comes to getting the most out of your Android battery life, you might be thinking about what apps are draining power. A new report out actually is showing that the Facebook App is draining a huge portion of the Android battery, thus deleting it could save you about 20% of your battery power.

Facebook App to Blame for Android Battery Drainage

Tech World Zone completed an independent test and found that the Facebook app on Android is leading to many problems, including loss of battery life. The report concluded that it is better to just delete the Facebook app off of your Android, and doing so would give you back 20% of your battery power. This is true whether you are using an older Android device or a newer Android device, so it appears it has little or nothing to do with the type of Android device you are running the Facebook app on.

Facebook has known there are problems with the Android app for a long time. In fact it got so bad that Chris Cox, the central item officer for Facebook said that staff should be using Android to help figure out the problems. The various problems including battery problems have been persisting on the Facebook Android app for several months, and nothing has been really fixed with the known issues. People have been testing out deleting Facebook to see how it affected Android, and found that the battery life significantly improved once the app was deleted off the smartphone.


When it comes to the battery monitoring statistics, there is nothing showing Facebook using a ton of power on Android phones. The issue though is that the administrations on Android were causing a lot more loss of battery life, as these administrations run in the background on Android. Facebook has not commented on the battery life problem on Android devices but indicated that “speed issues” were reported and were being investigated. The company ended the statement by talking about enhancing issues and reporting updates as soon as they can.

For now, it seems that if you are having some major battery issues on your Android device, try deleting Facebook and testing this out for yourself. Many users are noting the increase in battery life once Facebook has been deleted from the device. There are many other apps out there that you can use if you are looking to get the information from Facebook such as Metal app. The Metal app is like a wrapper for the Facebook mobile site, and you get much better battery life using this as opposed to the actual Facebook for Android app. Even Reddit users performed the test and found the same exact thing, which was that deleting the Facebook app added up to 20% of battery life to their devices.

It is hard to say whether or not Facebook could or will change anything to give you back your battery power on Android. Since these issues seem to be because Facebook is always running in the background plus the administration part of it, you are likely not going to get a good fix or real fix from Facebook anytime soon.

  • Well, now we come to know how much the facebook application eat the battery as well as space. But the facebook is the essential part of social . How one can able to get rid of it. This is a big issue.