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Facebook Android App Now Works on Android TV

Jun 7, 2017

If you have a Facebook account and an Android TV, you might be interested in knowing that the Facebook app has just been updated to support Android TV. To be clear about the latest Facebook Android TV news, this is not a separate app from Facebook. If you have an Android TV, keep reading to learn more about how you can use your television with your Facebook account and what all features are available.

Facebook Now Supports Android TV for Videos

The biggest news to come out of Facebook now working on Android TV is that this will not load up like your normal Facebook account. You will not be seeing the news feed or anything else, since this new Android TV support is focused on videos. You will be able to see categories once you have logged into Facebook on your Android TV. All of these categories are related to videos, such as those that your friends have shared. Facebook will also offer you video suggestions based on things it thinks you might like. So really, this is not going to work or look like the Facebook you have on your computer or Android smartphone.

Essentially, the videos that you find will now be available right on your Android TV. The only thing you need to do in order to get the videos on your Android TV is just download the Facebook app from your Android TV via the Google Play Store. Once you have logged into your account through the app on your Android TV, you will need to enter a code that you find on your television in order to complete the login process. You will notice that beyond all of the videos, you will have a Settings section too.

This is where you will go to logout of Facebook through your Android TV app. This is great because if you have a lot of people in your household who have social media accounts, you can login to your account and then out so that no one will be able to see the content you have watched on your account. You will be able to quickly and easily log in and out between accounts, which is great if you have children in your house.

If you are thinking that the ability to get only videos through the Android TV Facebook app is strange, it really is not if you think about the upcoming news from Facebook. The company has been working on original content for a while now and that content will be coming within the next several months.

Facebook is going to try to compete with other television streaming services out there, although it likely will not be quite up to par to compete with Hulu or Netflix. We do not know what types of content Facebook is set to be working on, although the social media giant is making it into the foray of original shows as more people begin dropping normal cable television. For now, you will just be able to get the various social media videos through the Android TV support, but pretty soon you will be able to watch whatever original content is put up on the site.