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Facebook Android App Testing Animated GIFs

Mar 26, 2017

The Facebook Android app is testing out a new feature that you might be interested in knowing about. The new feature in the Facebook Android app is animated GIFs, which will show up in the comments. This is something that people have been asking about for a long time, and it seems that Facebook is finally listening to users and possibly putting this feature into the app.

Facebook Android App Testing Out Animated GIFs

The cool news here is that the Facebook Android app is testing out the animated GIFs for the comments section. People have been asking for the comments to have animated GIFs for a long time, and now Facebook is exploring this option on Android. Animated images are pretty fun and something that a lot of people on Facebook want to have the ability to use. If you are a fan of the social networking giant then you might be happy to know that animated GIFs might not be that far away.

Facebook has officially confirmed that the company will be testing out the animated GIFs in the comments section on the Facebook Android app. For now, Facebook wanted it to be clear that this is just a test and it does not mean animated GIFs will be hitting the comments section on the Facebook Android app for good. The company wants to see how it works out before moving ahead with full integration of the animated GIFs on the comments.

How the Facebook Android App Animated GIFs Work

When it comes to how the animated GIFs in the comments would work on the Facebook Android app, it seems pretty simple. Facebook is not going to allow people to have embedded GIFs in their man feed. Essentially, the animated GIFs will be used for more of a reaction or comment to a post. This is good news for people who have slower internet connections or devices, since it will not hinder the loading time of the Facebook pages. Embedded GIFs take forever to load if you have a slower internet connection, so you will not have to worry about that with the new testing of this feature.

Facebook also said that the animated GIFs should not take away from the main news feed, and the company does not want the GIFs to be a distraction either. That is why the animated GIFs, at least for now, will be limited to reactionary comments on a post. When you look at other social media apps and websites, whether on iOS, web, or Android, the ability add animated GIFs has been something that has been around for a long time. Facebook should have added the animated GIFs to the website and to the Android and iOS apps years ago. It seems that Facebook is a little late to the party when you look at some of the other most popular social networking apps out there.

Considering that animated GIFs are something that people love no matter which website you are on or social media platform you are using, it does not make sense that Facebook would wait this long to test out the feature on the Facebook Android app. Nevertheless, it seems that Android users of the Facebook app will soon have the ability to try out the new animated GIFs on the comments section. If you have the Android Facebook app, make sure you have downloaded the newest version so that you can be ready for when the animated GIF testing hits.

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