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Facebook for Android Gets HD Video Support

Dec 10, 2016

Facebook has been busy the past several months, with the company focusing on allowing users to both create and share videos.  Facebook is trying to get more people to use the social network, either through live-streaming video feeds or pre-recorded video uploads. Facebook has been pushing the new video content features on mobile devices, especially Android. Now, Facebook has added a new feature that allows users to upload videos in high-definition.

HD Support Hitting Facebook App on Android

A lot of people have been complaining throughout the past year that Android users are not able to upload videos in high-definition. This was becoming a huge issue for Android users because it seemed that in this day and age, it should be a given that video uploads are in high-definition. Well, it seems Facebook has heard the displeasure from Android users as there is now an update that is rolling out which includes high-definition video capabilities and support.


When you looked at the Android version of the Facebook app, there previously was no feature or way to upload the videos in high-definition. Good news is that you will soon see an icon on the screen of the Facebook app, which reads “Upload Video in HD” and this is quite the feat for Facebook on Android. A lot of Android users have already seen this new update come to their Android device, although it still has not hit all Android devices through the over-the-air update feature. If you still do not see the “Upload in HD” option yet on your Android device, do not worry as it is still hitting devices, and you should have the update within the next few days.

Another feature coming to the Facebook app on Android is that there are new video-themed updates also coming. You will likely notice that there is now an option to choose the resolution you want to upload your videos in and there is a picture-in-picture mode. Another new feature for Facebook on Android is that you also will be able to download videos so that you can watch them offline. The downloading videos so you can watch them offline feature is very nice and handy for people who might be running their Android device with data caps and various limits. You will be able to download the videos while over a wireless network, such as at school or work, and then when you get home you will be able to watch the videos while in the offline mode. The picture-in-picture feature is also pretty cool and a nice feature to have, especially if you are someone that likes to compare and contrast videos by a certain user. You could also use this feature if you like to layer your videos for an even better special effect.

Although these new features coming to Facebook on Android are not really new in terms of innovation, they are features that Android users will certainly enjoy. The fact that it has taken this long to get HD video support on Android is something that Facebook should really find to be a fault company-wise because so many people do use Android devices.

It is also a good thing that you will be able to choose which resolution you want to upload your videos in because some people prefer to use the highest resolution possible in order to get the best quality for creating and sharing memories. Facebook has seemed to really go towards iOS in a lot of their updates and features, so it is nice to see Android getting some love and getting the HD support and other functions that enhance both creating and uploading videos.

Whether you just like to get on Facebook and watch videos or you like to create videos, these new features will help you get the most of your viewing or creating experiences. If the Facebook update for Android has not hit your device yet, do not worry since it is still being rolled out on some Android devices.

If you would rather not wait for the Android update to roll out to your device, you can always go to Google Play and grab the new Facebook update yourself now so you can get these new features immediately.