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Facebook on Android Now Has Instant Verification

Dec 20, 2016

When it comes to Facebook on Android, there have been many changes over the past few months. Some of the changes have been on Facebook Messenger, which just recently got HD video capabilities as well as group video chat abilities. Now, Facebook is adding even more changes to the Android app by allowing for instant verification when two-factor authentication fails.

Facebook App on Android Now Includes Instant Verification

We have all used Facebook on Android long enough to realize how annoying the two-factor authentication is. The annoying part about two-factor authentication is that it can sometimes mess up to the point that you cannot get the text message. This might happen if you are losing the signal on your phone or you are in an area where you cannot connect to the Internet. In fact, two factor-authentications can end up taking hours if you are not near a connection to get the text message.

Facebook apparently knows how annoying it can be too, because the company just released a new feature on Android to help solve this problem. The new addition would allow you to use instant verification via your phone number. This would be instead of going through the two-factor authentication process that you are normally prompted with.

The new instant verification process Facebook setup is done through a third-party app platform, and it is available for the Facebook Login Account Kit. The developers now will be able to identify someone who is returning to their account who decided to sign up via a phone number. The best part is that you will not need the text message verification once this third-party app login platform is used. If you use the third-party app with your phone number, then your Facebook for Android app will check with Instant Verification to see if that phone number is the same as the phone you registered your Facebook account with.

If the phone number is the same, then you will be able to instantly login to your Facebook account using the third-party app instead of having to go through the whole two-factor authentication process. This is great news because you will never need to use the text message authentication again, as long as your phone number on Facebook is the same one that you use when you go to use the Instant Verification process.

In fact, Facebook actually did a study with the Instant Verification feature and found that it can end up causing you to talk more to your friends and family on the social media network. Facebook said that there is a 97 percent higher rate of signing into the platform using the Instant Verification instead of the two-factor authentication password process. When the Account Kit was used on another app, named Familonet, this app saw a 40 percent increase in registrations. When the same app used the Instant Verification feature, it saw an increase of 5 percent, which shows that people are more likely to use instant verification if the feature is present on the app.

A Facebook employee, Ethan Goldman-Kirst, said that this new update for Facebook on Android will allow people to sign into the app much quicker and much easier. The process using your phone number to sign in will really be beneficial for people who deal with Internet connections cutting in and out as well as for those who have issues when it comes to getting mobile service. Another thing you have to think about is that sometimes you might be trying to login via the two-factor authentication method but have to wait for a while for that text message to be sent. Sometimes text messages get stuck in the ether and manage to not make it to your device for minutes or hours after you put the request to get the codes sent to your cell phone.

The fact of the matter is that Facebook has a goal of helping people get connected and stay connected. When it comes down to it, those in rural areas have to deal with mobile service connectivity issues or Wi-Fi issues on a regular basis, which obviously cuts into logging onto social websites like Facebook. All of these connection issues that people face make it harder for them to stay connected with friends and family, and Facebook wants everyone using the platform from all over the world.

Facebook on Android is doing a lot of work here that could be very positive for the future of staying connected and being socially active online. One of the biggest positive things going on is the Account Kit platform. The Account Kit allows for developers to add share-to-Facebook options or to buy the install ads for their apps. The Account Kit goal is to get more people to use Facebook and to entice new users to try out Facebook by seeing services and features popping up on other services or apps.

When you look at places around the world like India, where people are still lacking in the enthusiasm for Facebook, these new Account Kit additions will hopefully bring them around to signing up for the website. When you look at Facebook deciding to add the Instant Verification feature as an option on Android besides two-factor authentication, it also can help more people become excited about Facebook and get them to create an account for the first time. This new Instant Verification feature could also entice more people, especially in areas like India where sign ups are low and very slow, to sign up for the website and try it out.