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Facebook App Draining Battery Life on iOS 9

Oct 16, 2015

A lot of people have already upgraded their iOS device to 9, with more than 50 percent of devices already downloading the newest operating system from Apple, and this is one of the quickest downloads of an operating system in years for the company. While it seems like that would be a good thing, many complaints have been coming out of iOS 9, and now Facebook is getting complaints that the Facebook app is draining the battery life of devices that are upgraded to iOS 9.

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Facebook confirmed that it was investigating the reports of the Facebook app draining battery life excessively of devices running iOS 9. Apparently the issue is that the Facebook iOS app is running processes in the background, even after users disable the background app refresh. Facebook is hoping that there will be a fix coming out soon for this problem, as it was noted earlier in the week by many users, with some calling the app drainage “ridiculous” and insane. Circa co-founder Matt Galligan noted that the app had been responsible for 15 percent of the battery draining over a 7-day period, even when the background refresh was disabled.

Many other users are ranting about the Facebook app on iOS 9 too, with one saying that the use of resources is actually “user hostile” and the issue is that Facebook is basically creating ways to keep the app refreshing frequently even after the user has said that they did not want the app to do this, thus making the app stay awake about 2 times longer than your actual usage of the app. The issue could be Facebook hijacking the audio sessions within iOS devices, which means that there is silent audio playing in the background when a video is playing.

In terms of the Facebook app, the default setting is that videos will auto-play on both Wi-Fi and cell phone connections, and most people do not bother to ever turn this default setting off. This means that when you have the Facebook app installed, the app finds ways to keep videos playing with silent audio in the background, and this is how the app is continuing to drain the battery life of a device and perform tasks in the background even after refreshing has been disabled by the user.

People have tested out this theory, noting that with the auto-play of videos disabled the Facebook app used about 7 percent of the battery, and then when the videos were enabled it was still about 7 percent. This brings some doubt as to whether this option is really the cause of the battery drainage issues, but the issue of Facebook running in the background even when that option is disabled is still the main concern, and appears to be more of the problem.

Some users are beginning to think it is a flaw with iOS 9.0.2 and not actually the Facebook app, but Facebook is not saying what the real issue is, or whether it is the Facebook app or the newest iOS 9 release causing the issue. Right now, users have many theories, with some even saying this is not new to iOS 9 and it is something that has been going on for years, although iOS 9 seems to have exacerbated the problem for some reason. Facebook might not be commenting on the issue, but since the company said they are working on a fix for the issue, it seems that Facebook knows where there might be a problem or at least have an idea of how to fix the problem.

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Facebook often updates its app but often does not tell you what the updates are on the update notes in the App Store, so this means users often do not know whether an update is making a problem worse or better until it is downloaded and installed. If you do not want to wait for Facebook to fix the problem on the iOS app, then you might just want to uninstall the Facebook app for iOS, at least until an update comes out, which hopefully is aimed at fixing this problem.

You can download Paper to replace the Facebook app, and Paper is basically the Facebook standalone app that lets you post updates and browse through your friends’ posts, as well as post videos and photos. You also can just login to Facebook using Safari, even though this can also drain your battery, but it wouldn’t be as much as the app does, so it’s another option for you if you just want to login to Facebook to check on friends or post something real quick, just don’t leave it up too long in the browser either since Safari is also a battery hog.