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Facebook Brings New “Cards” Notification Tab to Android and iOS

Nov 2, 2015

If you use Facebook on a regular basis on your iOS or Android device, then you might be happy to hear that there is an update that has begun rolling out to users. This update brings you a new customizable notification tab for your Facebook app, which is more personalized than before, and it is going to be able to give you more of what you want, as you have complete control over what you see in the notifications tab on your device.


The new notification tab will allow you to choose specifically what types of notifications that you would like to get through the social networking app, according to Keith Peiris, who is the Facebook Product Manager. Peiris has dubbed the new notification “Cards” and he said that the company began looking at user feedback which was basically people saying that they wanted all of their important information to be all in one place. Having everything in just one place would then allow users to keep up with friends and family without having to click here or there to find information.

Facebook has also added some other additions to the notification tab, including adding milestones for friends, which would be like a birthday or special event in their life. The new additions also include a notification that will show upcoming events that the person signed up to see, and you can even see television show reminders and sports scores if you opt in to see those notifications as well. This is really good news for Facebook users who are often stuck at work or in traffic and want to get the latest scores from their favorite team or sport, whether it is NBA, NFL, or MLB.

This feature will also though possibly enable users to see scores and information that they do not want to see when it comes to sports, as some people record the games and watch them once they get home, so for these people turning off or opting out of this notification would be a good idea. There is also the issue that if you activate it, it will basically be right there for you to see and it would be almost impossible to avoid, so if you do not want to see scores before you see the game, then just avoid ever turning this feature on.

You also can turn on the location-discovering feature, which is activated through your smartphone, and this allows you to get even more information and cards in your notification feed. If you enable the location history in Facebook, you can get the notifications that are for weather updates and even alerts for severe weather, such as earthquake warnings, tornado watches or warnings.


You also can get up to date news happening in your area, as well as information about local events, and this will all happen in the notifications tab. It even goes further than that before you can also see movies playing in theaters close to you, and then get reviews and websites for restaurants within your area, so basically it is like a Yelp and search feature all in your notifications tab.

If you want to see all of these new features on your iOS or Android device, all you have to do is login to your Facebook account on the app and then go into the “Settings” tab. You will see that each of the cards or notifications has an arrow to the right, and then you can customize which information you see from Facebook. If you would like to see even more events or information, you also can opt in just by adding more notifications through the “Add More Cards” button, and this will be under each notification tab within the Settings.

Facebook has also said it will monitor which information is most useful for users and then try to provide the users with more relevant cards and information. The company will also be implementing more user feedback with this as time goes on, adding more cards so that you can get even more detailed and specific information delivered right to your smartphone.

The only issue with this new Facebook notification update is that it is not out yet completely, as it is being rolled out in stages, which means it has not fully launched as of right now. It will be released gradually for both Android and iOS, although Windows and Amazon Fire systems are not included in this new update, and this update is only for United States Facebook users. This means that all of these cards and new notification features are region-specific and device-specific, but if you have iOS or Android then you should see the update within the next few weeks.