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Facebook Find Wi-Fi Feature Hits Android App Worldwide

Jul 1, 2017

Facebook is rolling out the new Find Wi-Fi feature worldwide on the Facebook Android app. If you have the newest Facebook app, which you can download from Google Play Store right now, you will be able to access this new feature. We have all of the latest details about the new Facebook Find Wi-Fi app and how you can get your hands on this new feature.

Facebook Find Wi-Fi Feature Now Rolling Out

The new Find Wi-Fi feature is rolling out right now for all Android devices worldwide. This will be part of the main Facebook app for Android. If you do not have Facebook on your Android device yet, you will need to head over to Google Play Store and download the new version right now. If you already have Facebook on your Android device, you should see the new update coming out over-the-air within the next few days. This new Find Wi-Fi feature is going to be great because it allows you to find the various Wi-Fi hotspots that are all over the place.

There are a lot of third-party developers and services that offer this ability, but the ability to find the public Wi-Fi hotspots will now be accessible by just using the new version of Facebook for Android. There are over 2 billion people that use Facebook worldwide, and a lot of companies are now getting into sharing login information with Facebook in order to become one of these hotspots.

If you are not sure how the Find Wi-Fi hotspot feature works, basically the companies and businesses will put the information online through Facebook. Owners are sharing their wireless connections with Facebook, and then from there Facebook compiles a list so that you can connect to these Wi-Fi spots no matter where you are located or going.

The new Find Wi-Fi ability is going to be so useful, especially if you are out traveling in various cities or parts of the world. Even going to a foreign country you will now be able to use the Find Wi-Fi feature to find wireless connections that you will be able to hook right up to. If you have data limitations then you will find this to be even more useful. Even if you just want to get on Facebook to post a status update, you will now be able to do that much easier no matter whether you have cell service or not.

Find Wi-Fi Feature A Plus for Facebook

Facebook has been trying to get into developing countries, so this new Find Wi-Fi feature will be very useful in those countries where service is not really a big all over thing as of yet. The Find Wi-Fi feature previously was in testing, so it is definitely nice to see that this feature is now available for everyone anywhere as long as you have an Android device.

If you would like to try out the new Find Wi-Fi feature, you just need to go into the newest version of the app and click on the “More” section. From there, you will see the “Find Wi-Fi” option, and you just click on this to see the map of local hotspots based on your own location. The location part will update as you move around, so if you go down the road or across the country, the feature will update to show you current and up-to-date Wi-Fi hospots near you.

As long as you give location access to Facebook, you will be able to use the new feature. If you do not want to use your location all of the time on Facebook, you can always disable it and only enable location when you want to use the new Find Wi-Fi feature if you are out traveling.

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    Opened up the Facebook app on my Samsung Galaxy 7 Edge and there is no section that is labeled “MORE”. I have version I guess I don’t have it yet. 7/2/2017. Thank you kindly,priveyy@yahoo.com