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Facebook Launches Mobile Payment Service on iOS & Android

Mar 14, 2019

Without any announcement Facebook has launched a mobile payment service that is available on both iOS and Android today. The new mobile payment service is going to make the Facebook Marketplace a much more enjoyable experience overall. Not only will it be easier to pay for your goods in the Marketplace, but it will be much smoother of a process with the new mobile payment service.

If you were not aware already, the Facebook Marketplace is one of the more successful features that was launched by Facebook. We have all of the latest information about the mobile payment service Facebook launched without any announcement, so keep reading to learn all about it.

Facebook Brings Mobile Payment Service to iOS & Android without Fanfare

Without an announcement or any fanfare Facebook has released a mobile payment service to both mobile apps. The Facebook Marketplace is one of the most successful features that Facebook has released within the last couple years. With the new mobile payment services, you will notice a much quicker and smoother purchasing experience.

The purchasing experience is still relatively new on Facebook and hasn’t been without some glitches and hiccups in the past. We are hopeful that this new payment service will be the go-to for many people who use the Marketplace. Those on Facebook can now purchase and pay for those goods that were purchased through the Facebook Marketplace. You will begin seeing the new option on some pages right now, with the option expanding in the near future.

Marshmello Music is one of the Facebook places that you will see the new option that says Pay with Facebook. Pay with Facebook is the mobile payment service and it is pretty simple to use. If you don’t see the Pay with Facebook option on the page you are looking at, then it means that this option is not available for that particular good yet.

Pay with Facebook is Newest Mobile Payment Service Offered by Facebook

There are a lot of payment options that are supported in the new mobile payment service offered by Facebook. You will see that it says Mastercard and Visa, along with other options such as cryptocurrency. In order to use the the new mobile payment service, the buyer will first have to send out a request to the seller. The seller will need to either refuse the offer or accept the offer, and then a payment request must be sent over to the seller.

It definitely is a more complex process right now, but in the future it should get much easier to use as more buyers put the Pay with Facebook option on their page. There are many benefits to the new mobile payment service offered through Facebook. The biggest benefit is that it’s a more secure method of payment.

You might have been concerned about security in the past if you are using the Facebook Marketplace. You will also not have to worry about paying any fees because the Pay with Facebook option is free to use. If you are worried about fees associated with using this method of payment, you will not need to worry about that at all.

Will You Use the new Mobile Payment Service in Facebook’s Marketplace?

We have no idea if Facebook will make an announcement that talks more in-depth about what the Pay with Facebook option will do or bring to the table. It seems to have just appeared out of nowhere and it’s still not being utilized by that many in the Marketplace yet.

In the coming days and weeks, we expect more sellers in the Facebook Marketplace will begin allowing the Pay with Facebook option. If you see the icon on the page that says that you can Pay with Facebook, that is the best way to know whether or not the option is supported.

In the comments below we want to know what you think of the new Pay with Facebook option. Do you think that this new mobile service will work well on Facebook? Are you someone who enjoys the Facebook Marketplace or is this something you have not really checked out yet? How many sellers do you think will utilize this more secure and free way for people to pay for goods? What else would you like to see come to the Facebook Marketplace in the future?