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Facebook Messenger Adds Group Payments Option on Android

Apr 12, 2017

There is a new feature on the Facebook Messenger app on Android, which is group payments, and this feature is exciting a ton of Facebook Messenger users. It was way back in 2015 when Facebook first launched the person-to-person option for payments on Messenger. Before now though, there was no way to do group payments via Facebook Messenger. We have all of the latest information about the new group payments feature on Facebook Messenger for Android and everything you can do with it.

Facebook Messenger Launches Group Payments Option on Android

The new group payments feature on Facebook Messenger for Android allows you to pay everyone in a group at once or allows you to pay individual people in the group. Whether you are in a private chat or a group chat, the new group payment feature will work essentially the same way. All you need to do in order to initiate a payment is to click on the plus sign, which is on the left bottom part of the group chat. You then will see the dollar sign and this is where you can make your payment.

You will also be able to request payments from your group from within the group chat, which is pretty cool too. If you would like to request payments, simply enter the amount of money you want to request from each person. You can also make it so that the payment is evenly divided from the entire group, you can choose to include yourself if you want to and you also can add a note about the money and what you need it for. This is a great option if you are in a group chat and you are often in situations where people are putting in money for a greater purpose, like a movie night or dinner.

The only thing is that Facebook has not really said where it wants to go with the payments features, even now after adding group payments into the mix on Android. Facebook did say that it did not want to launch a payments business previously but instead said that the idea behind Messenger payments was to just make things more useful.

It is not clear whether Facebook would like to compete with companies like PayPal, but the new group payments feature does make it competitive with apps like Square Cash and Venmo. Facebook still is not taking any percentages either of the money, which is another sign that the company seems to not want to make money off the payments feature.

Facebook Messenger Group Payments Faces Competition

When it comes to the new group payments option on Facebook Messenger for Android, there is quite a bit of competition already out there in the social media world. We already heard about Kik putting out earlier in the month that payments would be added to the Kik app. There is also Snapchat that added a payments option and the Chinese version, WeChat has added payments in-app as well.

It seems like the option to send payments in-app now is becoming commonplace, meaning Facebook needs to figure out what it wants the payment feature to eventually turn into. Facebook also own WhatsApp, which is also beginning the process of starting in-app payment options, so could Facebook end up competing with itself via Messenger and WhatsApp?

As far as the new group payments feature in Facebook Messenger, it is already live on Android within the United States. You do not need any password or anything to use the group payments option or the regular payments option in Facebook Messenger. As previously stated, Facebook is not taking a percentage. This means the group payments option in Facebook Messenger is free to use.

We will see if at some point in the future Facebook decides to change course and begin charging for the service, but at this point time, it appears that Facebook really is simply trying to get more people to use the payments feature out of convenience.

Launching this new feature also keeps people inside of the Facebook Messenger app on Android, instead of having people leave the app for another app or service in order to send a payment, which might be all Facebook is trying to do is keep more people in the Messenger app.