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Facebook Messenger iOS App Bug Prevents Typing

Jan 18, 2018

A weird bug has hit the Facebook Messenger iOS app, and the bug is not letting people type normally. This annoying bug seems to be impacting quite a few iOS Facebook Messenger users, and is occurring on all kinds of iOS devices. While some people have reported the issue has been fixed, other people are still seeing the problem.

Social media has been lit up with people complaining of the problem, and it is a fairly widespread issue from what we are seeing. If you have Facebook Messenger on your iOS device, keep reading to learn about this bug and what it has been doing to cause such an annoyance among the users.

Facebook Messenger iOS App Glitch Causing Typing Issues

The glitch that is impacting the Facebook Messenger iOS app is preventing people from typing out messages. When people go to type a message, they are only able to type a couple words at a time before the glitch hits. A lot of people have been complaining about the problem, saying that restarting their iOS device or deleting the app and reinstalling the app is not fixing it. Facebook has already been notified about the problem, and is looking into fixing the issue. Some people might already notice that the glitch has stopped, but the issue is still being reported as of right now.

The weirdest part about the Facebook Messenger iOS app issue is that even restarting the device or deleting and reinstalling the app is not working. Typically, when there is an issue, these are often the two best remedies to fixing problems that happen. Since neither of these fixes are working, that means it is likely on the Facebook side of things, and a fix through the app itself will need to happen. This is not a harmful bug in reality, so we are not sure if Facebook is going to quickly push out the patch to fix this issue. More than anything, the Facebook Messenger iOS app typing glitch is annoying.

Facebook Messenger iOS App Glitch Often Caused by Auto-Correct

What the main problem seems to be for a lot of people is that the glitch is happening when the Messenger is auto-correcting a word. It is happening other times too, but mostly it is when a word gets auto-corrected that the error occurs. Hitting backspace is impossible once this glitch happens, and forcing the shutdown of the app is not doing anything either. Once the glitch happens, you also cannot type anymore words, and it leaves you basically at a standstill.

Other people have said it is happening all of the time for every message, so it seems to be an issue that is not tied down to a device or specific action. It is happening on iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and other iOS devices. There is no common issue beyond most people have it happen when auto-correct corrects a word.

Facebook has recently owned up to the fact that the Messenger app had a ton of bloat, and has said there will be a streamlined app in the future. The bloat and tons of features could be what is causing issues like the typing glitch, since there is just so much going on within the app.

The Hopeful Future of Facebook Messenger on iOS

The company said it will focus this year on de-cluttering the app, since so many new features have led to it being a mess. Facebook has said that a lot of the features and functions of Facebook Messenger have been useful, but some of them have not. In the process of putting all of these features in the app, it has caused it to become bloated and less organized.

The company promises that in 2018, the app is going to be streamlined so that it functions smoother without the clutter and mess. Hopefully, Facebook will get back to simplicity with the Facebook Messenger iOS app, as that could really help lessen the glitches and other bugs that have been happening in the app for a while now. Tell us in the comments if you have noticed the typing glitch. Is it only when you auto-correct a word or is it happening more often?