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Facebook Messenger Kids Launches On Android

Feb 18, 2018

A new messenger aimed at children called Facebook Messenger Kids just launched on Android. This app previously rolled out to iOS in late 2017. Now, the somewhat controversial app has rolled out onto Android. You can now download the Facebook Messenger Kids app for Android through the Google Play Store. This app is specifically designed for children between the ages of 6 through 12, since you can be age 13 and sign up for a normal Facebook account. If you have children, read on to learn more about the new Facebook Messenger for Kids app that launched on Android.

Facebook Messenger Kids Hits Android

The new Facebook Messenger Kids app is designed for the younger people out there. You have to be 13 to create a real Facebook account, which is why this app is aimed at ages 6 to 12. This app allows for your children to easily communicate with their friends and family members in a safe manner. The parents are able to control who the kids are talking to, which is aimed at helping keep the children safe.

There is a video chat available in the app, which offers a ton of cool masks you can use during the selfies. Most of the masks are aimed at kids and are funnier or cartoon-like in nature. There are also many other features and tools available, such as stickers and drawing tools. Facebook Messenger Kids has also been available for the Amazon Fire since January. This app was added to Amazon’s App Store, so you can now get this app on many different platforms. Facebook has been talking up this app for some time now, specifically talking about how safe this app is for children.

The company claims it diligently worked to ensure everything within the app is appropriate for children. Even more so, there is a huge focus on privacy and safety with this app, and that should hopefully help parents who are worried about this app. The data from the children is not being used for advertising purposes either, at least that is what Facebook is claiming.

Facebook Messenger Kids App Finally Lands on Android for Younger Kids

While this might be a controversial app for children, it is aimed at being super kid-friendly. The parents have control over the contact list. This means parents have to approve of people who the kids want on their list. The children then can only talk to people from that list, so they will not be talking to strangers with this app. There is way more oversight with this app than with other chat apps. Even though there is a lot of control for parents with the app, some experts think this app is not a good idea.

What most people have to realize here is that children often times make a Facebook account before they are even 13. So with this app, at least it is geared towards those children and it does not give them the free range to chat like normal Facebook. If parents know their children are going to get on Facebook anyways, then this app is the safest option out there. Most other chat apps, such as the regular Facebook, do not have these parental controls or do not give parents enough control. This app will ensure your children are only talking to people from the approved contact list.

Facebook Messenger Kids App Provides More Controls for Parents

Other apps just allow people to chat with anyone, and there are not many ways parents can stop that. The main issue is whether or not the parents feel comfortable with letting their child sit in front of the smartphone screen that long. There are other ways parents can control that though, so it really should not be a huge issue. So if Facebook Messenger Kids sounds like an app that you want to get for your children, you can download it for free right now from Google Play Store.

If you have kids, tell us in the comments what you think of this new app. Do you think it is going to be a lot better than the normal Facebook app for kids? Are you happy that you have to approve the people your children talk to with this app? Do you wish more chat apps would have these controls in them? Tell us how you feel about the app in the comments below.

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