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Facebook Messenger Lite Updates with Video Chat

Mar 11, 2018

There is a new update to Facebook Messenger Lite rolling out now and there is now video chat available within the app. The new video chat option comes as more apps are working towards the lightweight version of apps for these lower-end Android devices. Facebook Messenger Lite is a great app to use if you do not have a lot of other texting alternatives. We just learned about this new Facebook Messenger Lite addition, so read on to learn more about it.

Facebook Messenger Lite Adds Video Chat to Android

If you have an Android device, you will now be able to get video chat in the app with this new Facebook Messenger Lite update. This Facebook Messenger Lite app works well on the lower-end Android devices that do not have much storage space. While the app was very useful and functional before, the video chat adds a whole new element to the social app. If you did not know about Facebook Messenger Lite before, it can do almost everything the regular app can do.

Facebook Messenger Lite comes in at under 10MB, which is significantly a lot less than the regular Facebook Messenger app. There is not native support for the GIFs though, which is something some people do miss about the Lite version. Even without the GIF support, you will now have the video chat option. As for how this new feature works, it is pretty easy to figure out since you just need to begin by opening up a conversation. You also can begin by choosing a contact from the list that you want to begin talking to. From there, click on the video camera, which is on the right side of the screen at the top.

Facebook Messenger Lite Adds Video Chat & Makes Life Easier

If you are on an audio call, you can even switch over to the video by just clicking the icon while in a call. This new video chat option is going to make life easier for a lot of people, since it is so easy to begin video calling someone right now on Messenger Lite. Even better, over 100 countries are now supported through Facebook Messenger Lite. This means that even if you are in a developing country, you should be able to download the Lite version today. The new update is already available on Google Play Store, so you can download it now from there if you do not want to wait for an automatic update.

Facebook Messenger Lite also allows you to do many other things that you could do in the regular app. This includes audio calls, sending links, sending photos, sending texts, and much more. The face-to-face experience and conversations you get with video chat is just the next logical step for the app. People who have the regular Android phones also enjoy the Messenger Lite option, since it will not drain the battery and overall just runs smoother. If you have relatives in other countries, they can now use the Messenger Lite option to video chat with you and it will work much better than some other apps out there.

Facebook Messenger Lite Update Adds Video Chat as Use Grows

Video chatting is becoming even more popular these days, with more than 17 billion Messenger video chats happening in 2017. If you look back at 2016, the number of video chats were about half that many. The growth in the past year is obvious more people are video calling now than ever before. With the addition to video calling to the Facebook Messenger Lite app, we expect that number will grow more in 2018.

It appears more apps than ever before are moving towards optimization for these lower-end Android devices. Tell us in the comments what you think of this news. Do you like the new lightweight app options for the lower-end Android devices? Are you happy with the features and functions available in the Lite version of Facebook Messenger? Tell us your experience with this app in the comments below.