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Facebook Messenger Now Integrating into Android Auto

Nov 18, 2016

Android Auto just recently was announced to become a standalone app, but the problem with Android Auto has been the lack of apps being integrated into the platform. While WhatsApp is already integrated, which is a huge messenger, now there is another messenger coming to Android Auto. Facebook just announced that there will be Android Auto integration into the messenger service, which is great news for people who enjoy Facebook messenger.

Facebook Messenger Begins Android Auto Rollout

Facebook has already started the process of rolling out the Facebook Messenger integration into Android Auto, which is some exciting news hitting this week. This will allow users to reply and listen to texts from friends and family, without having to load up the Facebook app on their smartphone while they are driving. This will work simply by using voice commands, so you will be able to check your Facebook messenger messages and reply all without touching more than a couple buttons. Some people might argue that nothing on Facebook is worth replying to in the car, since you still have to press a couple buttons, but the reality is that people are going to reply and read those messages regardless of whether or not it is really the smart thing to do.


When it comes to Android Auto, various apps already are out there including WhatsApp, Skype, Google Maps, Pandora, Spotify, and even Hangouts. If you would like to use the newest app coming to Android Auto, Facebook Messenger, you will first need to put Facebook Messenger on your Android smartphone. Once you have installed Facebook Messenger on your smartphone, it will sync and connect automatically when you get into your car. You can then listen to and respond to the messages that you get as you use the Android Auto app or simply by using the display that is in your car.

If you would like to listen to a message, you can just press one button and the messages will be read back to you using an Android Auto voice. You will then be able to reply just by using the voice commands and functions in Android Auto. You can also press a button that will send an automated message back to the person, which include saying “I’m driving right now” and this can be a quick reply for all of your incoming messages if you want. What this integration is doing is allowing people to be safer behind the wheel since you will be able to do almost everything through voice commands, with the exceptions of pressing a button here and there.


Android Auto is already available in 50 different brands of cars and over 200 newer car models. The biggest news from a week ago though was making Android Auto a standalone app, which means that you can use this without needing to have one of the specific cars that Android Auto is currently in.

What Google is doing now is using the Android smartphone abilities to help people transition from the phone and apps to the car and Android Auto. Since Android Auto is now a standalone app, which gives more people the ability to use the product, and thus more people will use the apps that are being integrated with Android Auto in their cars. That is how this process becomes easier for Google because Google can just integrate the technology from the apps downloaded onto the phones, and then end up transitioning those apps into the Android Auto system.