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Facebook Messenger Redesign Hits iOS & Android

Jan 24, 2019

The long-awaited Facebook Messenger redesign is finally coming to iOS and Android. We first learned about this redesign back in 2018, during the Facebook F8 Developer Conference. That was quite a while ago when you think about it.

Most people had forgotten about the Facebook Messenger redesign until it came back in the news recently. We have been anxiously awaiting this new redesign and can finally tell you that it has arrived. If you have Facebook Messenger on your mobile device, keep reading to learn all the details about this newest update.

Facebook Messenger Redesign Rolling Out to iOS & Android This Week

We are super happy to be finally seeing the Facebook Messenger redesign that Facebook announced nearly a year ago. It has been a long time coming, and it appears the redesign is now live on both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store. If the update is not available for you right now, do not worry as it will be rolling out across all devices and platforms within the week. We have verified that people on both iOS and Android are starting to see the update, so it is live for both platforms at this time.

The main goal of this new redesign for Facebook Messenger is to make everything simpler and easier to use. Primarily, the goal was to once again make your messages more accessible by putting them into the front center area. Previous to this update rolling out, the only way you could get this update was to buy a Portal video chat device.

If you bought this device, it would force this update, which had initially rolled out back in October. That October release did not make it to most people on either iOS or Android, unless you had this specific Portal device. We are just now seeing a widespread release of the new redesign for Facebook Messenger, and that is definitely a little surprising that it took this long.

What Will You Find in the New Facebook Messenger Redesign for Mobile?

You might be wondering right now about what you will find in this new Facebook Messenger redesign for iOS and Android. One of the biggest changes is that instead of having nine different tabs, you will now only have three tabs. This is going to make things much easier to follow and handle, since you will not feel overwhelmed by too many tabs.

There is also a lot more white space that you will find with the interface itself. All of the functionality you have come to know and love with the chats are still there. You will still have your reminders, bots, and games, just as you have in the past. Even though all of the chat functionality is still present, you will notice it is more hidden than it was before. There is now a four-dot icon where these items will be hidden behind. Putting these chat functionalities behind the four-dot icon makes it look more tidy and cleaner in overall appearance.

Are New Features Part of the Facebook Messenger Redesign?

One major question that people have had lately is whether or not they will see new features as part of this Facebook Messenger mobile redesign. The short answer on this question is no, there are not any apparent new features to be found in this redesign update. This update is mostly an overhaul of the design itself, and just more of an organizational update than anything.

We have not found any new features, just appears the features already there have been moved around to better fit what you want to do on Messenger. Some people might be disappointed that no new features are in this update, but we are happy that the redesign is the main focus of this update. The entire chat client looks better now, looks more organized, and also allows you to access functionalities you want much quicker.

We want to hear from you in the comments below about this new Facebook Messenger update for iOS and Android. Are you happy that this long-awaited redesign for Messenger has finally started to roll out for everyone on mobile devices? Were you shocked that it took this long to roll out this redesign since there are not any new features to be found? Are you someone who regularly uses Facebook Messenger on your iOS or Android device to communicate with friends and family? What other features or changes do you hope to see in future Facebook Messenger mobile updates?