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Facebook Revamps App Icon for iOS as Part of Design Overhaul FB5

May 14, 2019

In a new design overhaul that is labeled FB5, Facebook has revamped the app icon for iOS. There are a lot of design changes rolling out right now to people on iOS with the app icon being the first change you’ll see. Facebook has not made changes to the mobile apps in years, which is why the new FB5 design overhaul is such a big deal. Keep reading to learn more details about the new iOS app icon and what other changes are in store for those on mobile platforms.

Facebook Revamps App Icon on iOS & It’s Live Right Now

If you have the Facebook app on your iOS device, you might want to keep an eye out for the latest update to hit your device. The update is rolling out right now and it’s a huge design overhaul that’s known as FB5. In this design overhaul, the first thing you will notice is the new app icon. The Facebook app icon on iOS is a little different that before.

You will see that the blue background for the Facebook app icon is much lighter than it was previously. The new color as you might notice actually matches the app icon for Facebook Messenger. Beyond that, you no longer will see the offset “f” that was used for many years. Instead, the new app icon has the “f” centered right in the middle of the app icon. This really is one of the first changes that Facebook has made in a long time, and we definitely are liking the new design changes so far.

Facebook Releases FB5 Design Overhaul & It Includes App Icon Changes on iOS

You will notice other cool FB5 design overhaul changes too, such as almost no dark blue theme anywhere on the platform. It’s not just the app icon that moved away from the dark blue theme and most of the other areas on Facebook have also erased this dark blue theme. The theme across Facebook will now mostly be the light blue which matches the Facebook Messenger look. During the F8 Developer Conference, some people did begin to notice some design changes. The full design overhaul wasn’t rolled out until this week though.

Another change you will notice in FB5 is that there is more of a focus on the community features and group features. Facebook is trying to make the community and groups features standout and be a more integral part of the social media platform. You will see that the changes up to this point are still not available on the web, although the web version will get the revamped design soon.

Facebook Updates App Icon & More Significant Design Changes

There is also another feature that will soon be rolling out to those on mobile and to the web version of Facebook. The dark mode feature is included in FB5 and will be coming soon to the mobile apps. You will first see the dark mode in the Watch tab, and then from there it will begin rolling out across all platforms. Dark mode is a much-requested feature for most apps these days, so we are happy that this is part of the FB5 design overhaul being released on Facebook.

Other changes and updates are also part of FB5, which include your generic bug fixes and performance improvements. Bug fixes and improvements in performance are nice, but the design changes such as the app icon change is much more appealing. You should start to see all of the changes rolling out this week to iOS, and the app icon change is live right now on Apple’s App Store.

Once you have tried out all of the new design changes we want to know what you think about them. Do you like the new lighter blue color scheme? Have you noticed there is more of a focus on the community and group features in Facebook? What other changes are you excited about that will be coming as part of FB5? Do you have any other wishes about what you would like to see in future updates to Facebook?