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Facebook Slideshow Feature Hits Android

Jan 26, 2017

Good news for Android users who have Facebook on their device, as a new feature is now available for Facebook on Android. Facebook just announced the Slideshow feature is rolling out to Android users. This is a cool feature that allows you to make your photos and videos into small movies.

Facebook Slideshow Hits Android App

The Slideshow feature uses your own videos and photos and turns them into movies, which come with transitions and music. This new Slideshow feature was first put into Moments, which was the private photo-sharing app that Facebook has. The Slideshow feature now has made its way onto the main Facebook, and is now coming to Android. It has only been about six months since Facebook first introduced the new feature known as Slideshow, so it has not taken long for it to become available on Android.

What Facebook wants to do with Slideshow is offer people new ways to make posts, so you do not have just standard videos and photos going up on your Facebook wall. You now will have new ways to share your videos and pictures with other people, which might entice more people to click on the Slideshow. This new movie-maker feature on Facebook Android is also happening when all of the companies are wondering how to make photos and videos more appealing to consumers.

So many people have videos and photos on their Facebook and on their Android device that companies are wondering how to make photo and video sharing more unique or custom. Both Apple and Google are now trying to figure out how to make sharing photos and videos more engaging and enticing. It is old school now to just put up a video or picture, and Facebook also wants more interaction between users.

The old option for Slideshow was that Facebook would give you an option to create the Slideshow if you took more than five pictures or videos within 24 hours. There was a “Try It” button that you will find when you look at the Slideshow of your friends. This “Try It” option that Facebook put in would give people the opportunity to try out the new feature if they did not know it was just released. That has changed though on Android, because now the option to create a Slideshow will show up on the Status Bar. The Status Bar is where you see the photo and video options, along with the “What’s on your mind?” option and other features. You will find this feature right there on your Android device and it is right above the option to Tag Friends.

Facebook said that this feature is currently being tested on Facebook for Android, which means not everyone will be seeing this new feature on their Android device. That might explain why some people have said that they cannot find this feature as only a small group of users are seeing this option right now. The interesting thing is that iOS has had this feature for over a year already, so it seems weird that Facebook is calling this only a test on Android. This could be because Facebook wants to get feedback and change a few things before being officially released on Android. There will likely be an Android Facebook update coming soon, which would then implement this new feature for everyone. Facebook has not said when the new Slideshow feature would show up on Android for everyone, but we can assume it will be pretty quick given how iOS already has this feature.

If you have seen how Slideshow works on iOS, then you should know it works essentially the same way on Android. You will be able to select your own videos and photos on Facebook for Android, pick your music, and even put a title to your Slideshow before hitting Publish on Facebook. The only bad part is that you cannot choose your own music on the Facebook Android app for the Slideshow feature, which kind of is a bummer because a lot of people have certain songs that go with a place in time or memory that they want to share with others.

You will find this new Slideshow feature to enable you to essentially make your own scrapbook and memories. You will be able to share your day or week as a whole with the Slideshow, or share your vacation trip in less time. This new Facebook feature on Android will also allow you to go back and remember some of the best times you had, regardless of how long or short the Slideshow is. You will also find that this new Slideshow feature also gives you more interaction with friends and family because more people are willing to click on the Slideshow feature and comment on the videos and photos. We often times look past the normal photos and videos that are posted because it is boring and bland, so the new Slideshow feature will entice people to click and watch your photos and videos with more enthusiasm.

We will let you know when this new feature hits Android for everyone, but keep your eyes open because it likely will be within the next couple weeks. You can login to Facebook for Android right now to see if the new Slideshow feature is on your account.