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Fake Binance Widget Leading to Fingerprint Scanner Payment Confirmations

Aug 11, 2018

A little bit of warning coming out of the cryptocurrency world as a fake Binance widget has been discovered. This fake widget is getting people to make purchases by using an accidental payment confirmation. These accidental payment confirmations are happening because the finger is still on the fingerprint scanner.

This is definitely a problem because the in-app purchases and the pop-ups are strategically placed, thus making it easier for you to accidentally purchase something. We have all of the latest news on the fake Binance cryptocurrency app, and how you can avoid being a victim.

Fake Binance Widget Causing Accidental Purchases

Cryptocurrency is becoming a hot topic and is evolving, which means more developers are looking to take advantage of unsuspecting users. Binance itself is a good cryptocurrency company and exchange. Now, it appears there is a fake Binance widget on the market doing harm.

This fake Binance widget is tricking the user into paying for in-app items by utilizing the fingerprint scanner. While your fingerprint is still on the scanner, the accidental payment confirmations are happening. This is leading to people accidentally purchasing items from this fake Binance widget.

We have to be very careful as cryptocurrency continues to be successful in the marketplace. Apps like this fake Binance widget are just the latest to trick consumers into making purchases under false pretenses. There even have been instances of cryptocurrency mining in games lately. We even told you not too long ago about Abstractism.

That was a game on Steam that ended up being banned because it was nothing more than a cryptocurrency mining game. Both the game and the developer involved in that mess were banned from Steam. That was just one of many instances where nefarious developers are using cryptocurrency mining for their own gain.

Fake Binance App Deceiving Customers Into Making Purchases

With this fake Binance app, the same type of thing is happening, meaning people are being duped into spending money with the guise of it being an “accident.” The app itself seems to have nothing to do with the actual Binance company, and it even has a 4.1 rating on Apple’s App Store. This widget though is getting quite a few bad reviews, and we have included a couple of those reviews for you to see. You can see that the user interface supported by Apple is being exploited here in order to launch pop-ups.

These pop-ups are for confirming an in-app purchase that you did not want to make. Your finger is still on the fingerprint scanner when these fake pop-ups are happening. That is bad because it means you are confirming the purchase, even though you did not want to purchase anything. If you did not know already, Apple uses the fingerprint scanner as a way to confirm purchases.

A lot of real bitcoin apps and other cryptocurrency apps use the fingerprint as payment confirmation too. Think of the fingerprint scanner as a signature for the purchase just made. It is supposed to be more secure, since everyone has a different fingerprint. The issue is with fake apps like this that exploit the fingerprint scanning payment confirmation method.

Intentional Design Flaw Brings Issues to Fake Binance App

There are definitely people who are leaving reviews feeling as if this was an intentional design flaw in the app. The pop-ups are random and it is tricking you into accidentally purchasing the items and approving those charges. Even more suspect is that no confirmation messages occurred to verify that these charges were authorized. That adds an even more nefarious element to this whole fake Binance app situation.

People are also accusing the developer of faking the positive reviews, and people are threatening to take legal action against this developer. You can easily reverse charges made on your card if you did not authorize them, which is the good news here. Even though it is easy to reverse the charges, Apple really needs to think about this user interface design. This is likely not going to be the last developer to exploit the setup in order to get people to accidentally buy items in apps.

We expect to see more of these issues as cryptocurrency becomes more mainstream. There are always a few bad apples out there looking to do something shady, especially with new technology and apps coming out. As always, make sure you are downloading the legitimate app or widget from the developer before you install it onto your iOS device. If you were suckered into the fake Binance app, we want to hear from you in the comments below.