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Fake Fortnite Android Scams Increasing Ahead of Release

Jun 6, 2018

We told you a while back that Fortnite will be coming to Android, but right now there are several fake Fortnite scams hitting those on Android. It is due to the fact the game will soon be released on Android that the fake scams, including fake APK files are popping up.

Many people are excited for the upcoming Android release from Epic Games, and we are definitely excited too. We wanted to warn you about these fake Fortnite APK files and other scams, because a lot of people are falling for them. Keep reading to learn more about these fake Fortnite Android scams and how you can avoid them.

Fake Fortnite Android APK Files & More Scams Increasing Online

Epic Games just released an announcement a couple weeks ago saying that Fortnite is going to be coming to Android this summer. It seems after this announcement that more and more fake Fortnite Android APK files and scams have been found. A ton of Fortnite APK files have been found online and the number of these fake APK files has substantially increased. In fact, some of these fake Fortnite APK advertisements are getting placement on legitimate websites and services.

One example is that there is a fake Fortnite Android scam going around that actually purchased advertisement space on YouTube. You would think that if you see a game advertisement on YouTube that it was legitimate. The reality here is that this is also a scam with a fake Fortnite APK file attached to it.

Getting the advertisement on YouTube is a great way to deceive people into downloading it. The good thing about this is that most of the time, you can spot these fake APK files a mile away. Most of them are in horrible English, often times not making a lot of sense. The web design and layout of the site or advertisement is also often times a dead giveaway that it is fake and a scam.

Fake Fortnite APK Files Springing Up Ahead of Android Summer Release

Even though most of these Fake Fortnite sites are easy to figure out, some people are just so excited to download the game that they simply look over the obvious issues. These fake files and advertisements are not that convincing, but some people still are falling for the scams. Even worse is that you risk your account information being stolen from using these fake sites and APK files.

Some will allow you to get through the download and sign-up process, but are just there to collect your personal information. Other scams involving Fortnite right now include those fake guides and tutorials, which are found most often on Android. Google Play Store is full of these cheats and guides for Fortnite, with a majority being scams and malicious in nature. We suspect that because the hype for Fortnite being released on Android is so high, it is making it easier for scammers to dupe unsuspecting fans of the game.

Fake Fortnite Scams Now Mean the Game is Almost Here for Android

The good news is that we are here to tell you the wait is almost over for the Android version of Fortnite. The fake Fortnite Android scams are just a sign that the Android version will be here sooner than later. We are still looking for the Android release to be sometime this summer.

The only bad thing is that we do not know exactly when it will be released. Epic Games has not announced an official release date for the Android version, but we know that it is definitely coming soon. Once the official release date has been announced, we will be sure to let you know. Until then, just hang tight and know that the wait has nearly ended.

Once the game is released, you should still make sure you are downloading it from a legitimate source. These fake Fortnite scams are still going to be out there, so you just need to make sure you are downloading from Google Play or another legitimate source to stay safe. We want to here from you in the comments below on whether or not you are excited for the Android release. Have you checked out the game on iOS or another platform yet? Do you think that Google could do more to stop these fake APK files and other fake tutorials from being released onto Google Play Store? Let us know in the comments below on what you think of Fortnite.