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A Fake Google Wallet App Gaining Permissions for Google Accounts

Apr 19, 2019

We have some bad news for those on Android as it was reported a fake Google Wallet app is now gaining permissions for Google accounts. You might remember a few months ago when Google began to simplify the payment process by integrating Google Wallet and Android Pay into Google Pay. Managing payments was a lot easier when Google decided to merge these two payment services together.

Even though Google Pay is now the service being used for mobile payments, people are reporting that Google Wallet is making a comeback in a bad way. This is a service that is no longer around or available, but it seems to be now part of a scam that is impacting several people. We have all of the latest news about the fake Google Wallet app that is gaining permissions from Google accounts and what that means for you.

Fake Google Wallet Application Stealing Google Accounts Through App Permissions

If you are an Android user, then you might want to be aware that there is a fake Google Wallet app going around right now. This new fake Google Wallet app is gaining app permissions and then stealing Google accounts. There have been several different reports from people claiming that they received a notification that the Google Wallet app was allowed access to their Google accounts.

We do not really know where these notifications are coming from, but we only know that it is coming from a developer that has not yet been identified. It is also interesting because the permissions are being granted from an unknown location using an unknown device.

This app also has access to Google Payments, which is bad news for those on Android. That additional piece of information could mean that this is all a scam trying to get your payment details. Some payment details that could be at risk in this scam include your card number and expiration date.

Google Aware of Fake Google Wallet App Accessing Information

One thing that we do know about this is that Google is aware of what is going on and is now investigating the situation. Google is pretty good at keep details away from the public, so we do not really know many other details yet about the scam developer or what is really going on.

You can go into your account though and revoke the permissions for this fake Google Wallet app. That is the first thing you should do if you are on an Android device right now. You want to revoke those permissions as soon as you can so that this fake app can no longer access your details.

Another good idea is to change your password to Google so that if the fake app is on your device, it will not be able to gain your payment information or other important details. You also should check out the Google suspicious activity tracker to see if anything weird has been going on in your account.

Most people should not have any issues changing their password or accessing the suspicious activity tracker. Once you check these things out and change your password, you should not have any further issues. You definitely should revoke any and all permissions from apps that you don’t recognize to ensure that there is no scams going on.

Fake Google Wallet App also a Reminder to Check Your Financial Institutions

This appears to be a phishing attempt on a large scale and could impact several thousand users on Android. With this fake Google Wallet app making it onto several devices, this should be another reminder to check your financial institutions regularly. If you would like to avoid situations like this, you need to regularly change your passwords and always keep an eye on your bank statements.

In the comments below, we want to know if you have been targeted by this fake Google Wallet app? Have you noticed anything bizarre when it comes to apps asking permissions on your Android device? Are you generally concerned about app permissions and what these permissions could end up giving away in terms of your information? We hope to learn more about this fake Google Wallet app in the coming weeks. Google often times doesn’t let people know too much, but we hope Google will explain how this happened and how to prevent it.