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Fake Super Mario Run Scams Hitting Android

Dec 17, 2016

The new hit for iOS, Super Mario Run, has been downloaded over 2 million times in one day on Apple’s App Store. The huge success of Super Mario Run is actually creating a huge scam among the Android users, which is that Android users think they are downloading the game when in reality it is all a scam.

Super Mario Run Scams Hit Android

When it comes to Super Mario Run, this hit game from Nintendo is only available on iOS devices as it is an exclusive right now. There are many people though on Google Play trying to offer fake versions of Super Mario Run, which you should know is nothing but a downright scam. When it comes to the real version of the game on iOS, you will have to shell out big bucks to buy the game, although it is free to try.

This is where the scam is coming from on Android because it does actually cost money to purchase the full game. There are a couple of different ways scammers are targeting Google Play and Android users when it comes to thinking Super Mario Run is available on Android. You might see titles like Mario Run Jumper show up on Google Play, and this is not the real game, and you should not download this title from Google Play. None of these apps on Android are legit Super Mario Run because the game itself is not coming to Android until sometime in 2017.

The second way that people are being scammed on Google Play is that there are apps out there that will promise to download and install Super Mario Run for you on your Android device. Again, we want to reiterate that Super Mario Run is not available on Android as of now, so any app promising to download the game onto your Android device is purely a scam. You really should ignore any and all apps that promise to download the game for you because it simply cannot be possible at this point in time.

Another thing Android users need to stay away from is someone claiming to have the APK of Super Mario Run for Android devices. If you see anyone claim you can download the APK of Super Mario Run for Android, then you need to click out of that screen immediately as this too is a scam. There is no APK available for Android because there is no Android version of Super Mario Run, but there are still people who think this is a legit option if they are running Android. The APK issue might be one of the more serious because if you download an APK thinking it is Super Mario Run, it could be adware or malware from a nefarious person trying to steal your information. Downloading these types of APKs from unknown sources really puts you at risk for theft of data or possibly a virus that overtakes your permissions on Android.

We realize how many Android users want to play Super Mario Run on their Android device. Of course, the game right now is available for iPod Touch, iPad, and iPhones exclusively through Apple. If you really want to play the game right now your best bet is to talk your friend who has an iOS device into letting you try it out for a while. As far as Google Play goes, there are likely to be several fake versions of Super Mario Run hitting the App Store as more people hear about the game and want to play one of the most iconic games ever created.

If you run on Android, you should wait until there is an actual press release from Nintendo in 2017 stating the game is available to download on Google Play. We do not know a specific launch date for Super Mario Run on Android, but it should not be more than a few months away at this point. The developers just want to make sure they have ways to protect the game from being pirated on Android before releasing it to the operating system. So, once again, if you see any game on Android that says it is Super Mario Run, do not download it because it is fake and likely a scam just to get your information.