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    Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff Cheats & Tips Guide

    Feb 9, 2017

    Fans of the hit Fox series Family Guy will be very excited to hear about the new app for iOS and Android by TinyCo entitled – Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff. In this mobile game, the Griffin family’s beloved home town of Quahog has been destroyed, due to a fight between Peter and a giant chicken. Now you, the player, are tasked with rebuilding the town. On the way you’ll unlock characters, complete quests, enter the Quahog multiverse, and much more. Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff draws a lot of inspiration from games like Clash of Clans and Game of War: Fire Age.

    Similarly to games like these, the core goal of this game is to build more and accumulate more wealth. This creates a sort of in-game economy. It also draws the concept of having a limited number of builders who can construct buildings for you from these games. The main way that Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff differentiates from these games is in its specific characters. In fact, the game is primarily played through these characters. You can make them perform actions, send them on quests, level them up, and even buy outfits for them. This is also the primary way it creates comedy. And given that it is based on a comedy TV series, there are a lot of jokes in this game. According to the apps description on google play, some of the actual writers of the TV show were brought on to write parts of this game, and it definitely shows. The exact same sporadic, irreverent, and ridiculous humor from the series can be found here, and I don’t mean that in a bad way at all.

    Family Guy Quest for Stuff Cheats Guide

    In Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, the main object is to maximize your wealth. To do this, you must develop an understanding of the games economy and how to best manipulate it to your advantage without having to spend actual, real-world dollars. In QfS, there are only two forms of currency; coins and clams. Coins are the main currency. They are the primary monetary unit that you’ll need to earn, and they are what you need most when purchasing new items.

    Clams, on the other hand, are the games premium currency. They are used for such things as speeding up building time, buying new builders, and skipping quests. Basically the equivalent of gems in Clash of Clans or diamonds in Hay Day. Although they are rarely explicitly necessary to advance, many tasks can become tedious without them. Some quests even require clams to be completed. It is for the above reasons that you should spend your clams as wisely as possible. This brings me to my first point, which is to never use clams to speed up time. This is a waste of a precious resource. Instead, I would recommend you spend your clams exclusively on getting new builders, until you reach the maximum builder number of four.


    Even after this there are better things to spend your clams on then speeding up time, such as constructing new buildings Clams, of course, cost real-world money. You can also purchase coins, the main currency, with real-world money. If you decide to spend real world money, it is much more profitable to purchase clams rather than coins. Coins are reasonably easy to obtain, and your need for coins will stay mostly consistent with your ability to acquire them. Clams, however, are much more difficult to come across, and your need for clams will always outweigh your ability to obtain them. It is for this reason that a purchase of clams is much more beneficial than a purchase of coins. In Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, one of the best ways to make money is to make your characters do tasks, for which you receive xp and coins in exchange.

    My next tip is to always make sure every character is doing a task when you sign. The length of these tasks range from seconds to days, so always make sure your characters are kept busy with longer tasks when you leave, so as not to waste any opportunities for money. My final tip expands upon the previous one. Having your characters do several shorter tasks is almost always much more profitable than having them do one longer task. Although it is more tedious, repeating small tasks over and over will go a much longer way to expanding your wealth then assigning one long task and logging off. If you are willing to put in the work, this method can grow your fortune rather quickly.

    Review of Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff

    As I mentioned before, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff draws a lot of inspiration from games where you build and expand a city or other enterprise, such as Clash of Clans. That said, this game is based on the smash hit TV series, so the real main goal is to create comedy. People won’t be downloading this game to experience interesting mechanics and unique gameplay; they want an interactive version of the show. The actual writers of Family Guy even did work on the game. And, for the most part, the comedy works. I have watched Family Guy several times, and this game definitely keeps the spirit of the show.


    In QfS you will meet almost every single character from the Fox show, from major characters to minor characters. You can clearly tell that the writers approached writing the comedy in this game in a similar fashion to that of the show. Another way that this game is loyal the show is in its visuals and sound design. The animation and artwork look almost identical to that of Family Guy, and all of the sound effects and character vocalizations seem to come straight from the show. This goes a very long way towards recreating the Quahog we all know and love, and it added to my playing experience immensely.

    Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is by no means a shell of its source material; this game’s comedy will thoroughly satisfy fans of the show. But does it work as an actual game? Given the nature of the App, its playability will depend largely on whether the economy is functional. In my opinion the economy suffers immensely from an over reliance on the premium currency. This is common problems with mobile apps in 2015 and QfS is only another example. Clams, the premium currency, are needed for some important actions in this game, and your ability to acquire clams can never keep up with your ability to obtain them. Clams are also required to purchase more builders, which are critical to quick development. I found these things to be a major hindrance to the economy of this game, and therefore its playability.



    I give Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff an 8/10 for its artwork. Fans of the television series will find great enjoyment seeing the characters they love coming to life in an interactive fashion. This game clearly utilized either the same animators from the show or at least similar ones, because everything from the Family Guy universe comes to life.

    Music/Sound Effects

    This game gets 9/10 for its music and sound effects. Again, these sounds were clearly put together by a team of people that truly wanted to bring Quahog to life and they accomplished this through the sounds and music. Everything about them makes you feel as though you are in the show, and that enhances the experience greatly.


    I will award this game 7/10 for its story and originality. Although the story isn’t the most original thing and doesn’t necessarily blow your hair back, it fits in perfectly with the Family Guy setting and is doesn’t feel dysfunctional or out of place.

    General Gameplay

    This game gets 5/10 for its overall gameplay. Although it’s not the worst I’ve seen it, Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff, relies far too heavily on the player purchasing premium currency to have a truly functional economy. On top of this, the general method of expanding your city and obtaining wealth never really switches up and gets stale very quickly. It will interest some, but QfS does not have very engaging gameplay.


    I give Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff a 3/10 for its addictiveness. In QfS you must either spend real world dollars on Clams or grind constantly in order to advance or expand very far. The method of gameplay seems interesting at first but quickly becomes rather boring and tedious.

    Overall Rating

    My overall rating for Family Guy: The Quest for Stuff is 5/10 stars. This app is loyal to its source material in the best way possible, and will satisfy most of the shows fans in that regard. However, the gameplay and general economy can quickly become tedious and boring, repeating the same or similar things over and over again. I would recommend that a big fan of Family Guy should check out this game, but if you are looking for a more engaging experience, there are better options out there.