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Fanatical Football Tips, Cheats, & Hack for Coins & All Boosters Unlock

Mar 27, 2018

If you ever wanted to be the manager of your very own football team, picking up exhibition and season matches, and basically battling to reach the top of the table, Fanatical Football might be of interest to you. In this game, you will come close to feeling as if you are a real manager of a real NFL team. You need to build your own team and make sure that your offense and defense is ready and up to par with the rivaling teams. Not only do you need to manage your team, you also need to actually play football with the team that you created, scoring touchdowns to win!

With over ten million downloads, and an astonishing rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Google Play Store, you could say that Fanatical Football is one of the most popular sports/football games in 2018. Mouse Games is the developer behind Fanatical Football, but you may also know them for games such as Basketball Mania, Ultimate Soccer and 3D Tennis. According to the description, Fanatical Football will deliver the number one authentic football experience to date, so if you are a fan of football, and you would like to play it on your device, you should give Fanatical Football a try in 2018.

About Fanatical Football

When you start playing Fanatical Football for the first time, you will first have to pick a team to start your gameplay. All of the teams in Fanatical Football are based on real NFL teams, but due to the fact that the game is not officially licensed by the NFL, it has different logos and names.


After you have picked the team that you want to manage and play as, you will be taken to the main menu of the game. It is advised that you first complete the tutorial of the game, before you start any exhibition or championship matches. Fanatical Football is a six-man football game, in which you need to make sure that you get the ball to the end zone, similar to real football.

In order to start a play, you need to tap on your screen to snap the ball. One of your teammates will catch the ball, after which you will have control over that player. Once you have control, you can tilt your screen left and right to change the movement of your player. At the bottom right and left corners of your screen, there are buttons that allow you to juke left or right with your player, to make a left or right spin to avoid incoming tacklers, to sprint and to perform a tackle.

You can also pass the ball to the receiver by sliding your finger over your screen, which makes your player flick the ball. All of the six players are eligible to be receivers in Fanatical Football. In Fanatical Football, you also need to be prepared to kick a field goal, and there is no punting in a six-man football game. There are two different game modes in Fanatical Football; Quick Game and Championship. You could also count the tutorial as the training mode of Fanatical Football.

In a Quick Game, you can select which team you want to play football against, and how long the match should last. The Championship mode is basically the tournament mode of the game. You will need to win a series of matches to end up being the champions of the league. During each match, you will also be able to give tactics to your team. You can either do a Run or Pass Attack, or you can do a Field Goal. The best way to earn points is by getting near to the end zone and either scoring a touchdown, or scoring less points by selecting Field Goal and actually scoring it.

Winning a match in Fanatical Football will reward you a certain amount of in-game currencies and experience points. The more points you score, the more experience/currencies you earn.

Fanatical Football In-game store

Fanatical Football has only one in-game currency, which simply goes by the name of coins. You can earn said coins by either winning exhibition matches or entire championships, the amount depending on how well you have performed during your gameplay. In Fanatical Football, there is also an achievement system that allows you to earn large portions of in-game coins in one go. In order to see the achievements, you will need to tap on the achievements button at the menu.


You can use your in-game coins for a number of things. For starters, you can use your coins to upgrade your team’s abilities. Each team in Fanatical Football has six abilities; Spin, Juke, Speed, Pass Accuracy, Pass Distance and Shoot Distance. Upgrading those abilities will definitely make your gameplay easier, because your team will simply perform better. You can also use coins to purchase two boosters; Multiply Fans and Slow Down Action. These boosters will allow you to receive more experience points/fans and allow you to have more time to perform actions.

It is also possible for you to purchase coins with real money, should you want to upgrade your team’s abilities earlier on in your gameplay. The minimum amount of coins that you can buy is 10000, which goes for the price of $1.99. The largest amount of coins you can buy is 750000, which goes for the price of $99.99. There are a number of packages in between these two, so you will have to see which one works the best for you. Purchasing coins worth $4.99 or more will also remove all of the advertisements in Fanatical Football for good.

Cheats & Tips for Fanatical Football

Just like many other free-to-play mobile games that have in-game currencies in them, it is also quite easy to find websites that offer cheats or hacks for Fanatical Football. You could allegedly use those cheats or hacks to get an unlimited supply of in-game coins, and as ridiculous as that may sound, there are still a lot of people that fall for such tricks. All gamers have at one point searched for cheats, be it for PC games, console games or even mobile games. Because of this reason, the scam artists saw an opportunity years ago, which came in the form of fake cheats.


I will walk you through the scamming process. The websites that you find when you search for cheats for Fanatical Football, or another mobile game, are all designed to exploit people. You first have to click on the download button, which redirects you to another website, on which you will be asked to fill out a survey, or to complete a different offer. Only if you complete said offer will you be able to access the so called Fanatical Football cheat/hack program. Of course, the scam artists generate an income for themselves when people complete offers for them.

The main problem is that there is no actual Fanatical Football cheat/hack program, not one that functions at least. The files that you will be downloading are just some weird adware programs, which will hijack your computer and make sure that it runs slower than before. The files might also contain viruses and keyloggers, designed to steal your identity, bank records, passwords and more. If you value your computer, your files and your identity, you should never download anything from a website that looks suspicious to begin with, and that makes you fill out surveys.

Fanatical Football Gameplay Tips and Tricks

There is really no way to get coins in Fanatical Football by cheating. The only way possible is by just playing the game and winning football matches, or by successfully earning achievements. You also receive experience points and coins when you lose a match, so if you really don’t want to put any effort into playing Fanatical Football, you could also just lose all of your matches. You will earn way more experience points and coins if you win a match rather than losing it. The best way to earn a lot of experience points and coins is by winning in the Championship mode.


I have already mentioned that spending $4.99 or more on coin packages will remove all of the advertisements in Fanatical Football; however, if you rather do not spend money on a free-to-play mobile game, you could also use the Airplane Mode trick to get around the advertisements. Every modern smartphone or tablet has a feature called Airplane Mode, which you can activate if you want your device to be disconnected from the internet. This feature is great when you are traveling by plane, and you are not allowed to have any devices with an internet connection.

Fanatical Football is a single player mobile game, which means that you do not need an internet connection to play the game. If you want to get rid of all the ads, you need to activate Airplane Mode before you start Fanatical Football. If you do so, the game will have no way to show any advertisements during your gameplay. Playing Fanatical Football in Airplane Mode will make it impossible for you to access the in-game store though, because that does require internet.

Fanatical Football Review

I will be honest, when I first saw Fanatical Football on Google Play Store, I expected it to be one of those games that advertised it was a very realistic football game, but in reality, it was just one of those NFL knockoff games. I did quickly find out that the teams in Fanatical Football were not actual NFL teams, but where quite similar to them, both in names and in logos/colors. It would be too expensive to purchase the NFL licenses, just to developer a free-to-play mobile game.


The first positive aspect about Fanatical Football is that there is a selection of teams to choose from, so you are not just stuck with one team. You can also upgrade your team’s abilities by spending your in-game coins, increasing your players’ overall performance. I also like the fact that there are two different game modes in Fanatical Football, one to quickly play a match and another one if you are feeling like testing all your football abilities over a longer period of time.

Another positive aspect about Fanatical Football is that there are no playtime limitation systems in the game. This means that you can play the game as long as you want. It is unfortunate that the developers of many other free-to-play mobile games do implement playtime limitation systems into their games. It is very fortunate that this is not the case in Fanatical Football.

There are not many negative aspects in Fanatical Football, other than the fact that there are ads in the game, which can get quite irritating and obstructive. The developers also expect you to spend at least $4.99 on in-game purchases, just to remove all of the advertisements. It would have been nice if the developers could offer a single purchase of $0.99 to remove all of the ads. Of course, you could also use the Airplane Mode trick to get rid of all the ads for free.


While I was playing Fanatical Football, I also found out that the gameplay becomes quite repetitive after you have spent about half an hour playing the game. I believe that the reason for this is the lack of options in the game. Yes, there are two different game modes available, but that doesn’t really cut it. Perhaps having more tactical options would increase the quality of the gameplay, and making it less boring when you play the game for a long period of time.

Fanatical Football Ratings

Artwork: I give Fanatical Football a 7/10 for its artwork. Considering the fact that the developers of Fanatical Football took a 3D approach, I would say that the artwork is actually quite decent. It is not often that you see a football game on mobile platforms that features 3D graphics. It’s also nice that the developers tried to imitate actual football teams, so that if you are a supporter of a particular team, you would be able to play as that team in Fanatical Football.

I like the fact that the pitch looks like an actual football field, and that there are supporters in the stadium that cheer for you, especially when you score a touchdown. At times, the graphics and animations do look a bit blocky, but that doesn’t really have any negative effect on your gameplay.

Music & SFX: I give Fanatical Football a 7/10 for its music and SFX. Even though there are only a couple of soundtracks in Fanatical Football, it is still nice that they are of decent quality, and also that they fit the sports/football theme of the game. There is also a wide variety of sound effects in Fanatical Football, which add to the overall atmosphere and make the gameplay enjoyable.  

Story & Originality: I give Fanatical Football a 7/10 for its story and originality. I do not believe that I have ever played an actual sports/football game on any mobile device before, other than the more arcade style football games that is. Fanatical Football has plenty of features that will make you come back to play the game some more, especially if you are a football enthusiast.

It is nice that the teams in the game are similar to actual football teams, so as a supporter of a particular team, you would be able to choose the team that is similar to that team. Because of the fact that Fanatical Football is a football/sports game, there was no need for a backstory.

General Gameplay: I give Fanatical Football a 7/10 for general gameplay. Before you are able to start a Quick Game or Championship, you will first have to go through a tutorial, during which you will learn what Fanatical Football is all about. You will also learn the controls of the game. Fanatical Football is a six-man football game, which means that there are only twelve players on the field at a time.

Six of those players are in your team, the other six are your opponents. After playing Fanatical Football for a while, the gameplay becomes quite straightforward, and could become boring because of this. The gameplay is pretty challenging as well. It is nice that at least the controls are responsive, especially because you often need to perform quick moves. I also like the way the user interface looks in Fanatical Football, with all the NFL-like logos etcetera.

Addictiveness: I give Fanatical Football a 7/10 for addictiveness. If you are into sports/football games, Fanatical Football could definitely be considered addictive for you. It is also nice that the developers did not implement any kind of playtime limitation system into the game. This means that you can play Fanatical Football as long as you want. I really dislike the fact that developers think it is alright to implement timers, lives and energy bars into their games.

They are annoying and slow down the pace of the game significantly. The only reason why I am not rating Fanatical Football more than seven out of ten for addictiveness is because there are advertisements in the game, which can get quite annoying and obstructive, especially because they pop up out of nowhere at times. I can’t see anyone willingly paying $4.99 or more, just to remove all the ads.

All things considered, I give Fanatical Football a 7/10.