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    Farmville 2 Cheats, Strategy Guide & Tips

    Feb 9, 2017

    We all have that one friend who keeps annoying us by sending game requests. I am here to confess I used to be one of those annoying, friendly people who keep bugging your notification icon for no apparent reason. Why we do what we do? You will understand shortly.

    Dubbed as one of the App Store Best of 2014, Farmville 2 is a virtual farm game. Upon signup, the player receives a virtual farm where they can raise animals, make buildings, sow and harvest crops, sell them to the market, buy new land and much more. Just like real life, you start with very little resources and keep working. With time, you farm gets bigger, colorful and more beautiful. You start getting greedy and ask your Facebook friends for free items to add in your farm which they don’t like and unfriend you or block the game requests. The game has its drawbacks but overall, is a nice game. It is worth trying for starters of strategy games, kids and people who have too little time to do the “real gaming”.
    Here is a quick introduction to main portions of the game.

    Coins are the most inferior currency. They can be earned by doing normal tasks and are not very valuable. Farm bucks and keys are heavy currency. They cannot be earned by simple game tasks. They only come with the special offers or you can buy them with real cash. There are things which can only be bought using Keys which sometimes make Farmville “pay to win” game. It is one of the major drawbacks of this game. It really sucks knowing that after all your hard work; you won’t be able to buy a specific fancy duckling you always wanted to have. One of the major reasons I don’t play Farmville anymore.

    XP is short for experience points and they determine your experience level in the game. Upon completing every task, you get some experience points which keep adding up and raise you level. New levels unlock new items. There are tips and tricks which can be used to earn XP faster which we will discuss shortly.

    Power is the energy level of the avatar that you control. After your avatar is tired, they go to take rest and there is nothing you can do about it. With time, your speed of accumulating power points and its capacity increases.


    Growing crops is somewhat similar to the real world farming. You plow the land, go to the market, buy seeds and sow them into the land. Every crop has a time for ripening. You have to wait for them to ripe after sowing the seeds. After the crop has ripened, you can harvest it and sell it in the market for a relatively higher price. Every crop takes different time to ripe and yields different amount of profit and different XP. As a general rule of thumb, the shorter the time of crops to ripe, the more XP and coins they will produce in a given time rather than crops with more ripening time. With time, you will be able to unlock better crops.

    At the start of game, you receive a small piece of land. As you progress making money and experience. New land with many resources is unlocked making your farm richer and bigger. You have to complete specific tasks in order to unlock the new land. Only the land adjacent to your farm can be unlocked. You need to gain a specific level and sometimes precious items which can only be received as gifts from Farmville neighbors. The farther you go, the more expensive the land.
    Animals are a big part of the farm. In addition to being cute decorative parts, they also generate XP (experience points) and edible products which can be sold for money.

    There are two methods of getting animals. When you unlock a land, all animals in that land are yours. The other method is to buy baby animals from the market. Before purchasing, you can see the XP points gained after feeding the animal each time, product the animal will provide when fed, for how much coins that product can be sold and in which recipes it can be used. Baby animals take time and milk bottles before they become adults and start generating products. Babies of different animals take different amount of time and milk bottles to become adults. Number of animals is limited on the farm due to water troughs. By the time you start the game, you have one trough and you can have 15 farm animals at a time. Every time you add a trough, animal capacity is raised by 5 unless you have a capacity of 50 animals. Yes, your total limit of having animals on the farm is 50 and unless you are a real virtual pet lover, having 50 animals is more than enough.

    Recipes are a fun part of this game and are very profitable. To make recipes, you must have a kitchen. You go to the kitchen(click on the building), use the ingredients harvested from the animals and plants or received “free” from the friends, use one power and wait for it to prepare itself. After that, you can sell the recipe or use it to make an advanced recipe which will generate even more profit.

    To do almost anything in Farmville, you will need to have a specific building dedicated for that task. Well for watering your crops, kitchen to make and sell recipes, barns for animals and orchards for trees. To make a building, you must first go to the market and buy an unfinished building. It needs parts to be added in it before getting ready and generating the product. Those parts can only be bought using Farm Bucks which are bought with real cash. There is one other method; ask your Facebook friends to give you that part. Almost all of the buildings are made in the exact same pattern which needs a little hard work and a lot of patience.


    Currently, Farmville 2 is running version 2.5.162 and requires your device to running at least iOS version 5.1 or later. The game is available to play in a variety of different languages, so it has a very large, worldwide target audience. The game is available to download from the app store for free with the opportunity to purchase further in app currency. The game also accommodates Facebook integration which makes playing the game across multiple platforms even easier for all players. The game holds an overall four star rating on the app store and has mostly favorable reviews from players.

    The in app store of the game offers a variety of purchases for real money which will help you out with your journey to making your farm really awesome. The premium currency in Farmville 2 is Keys, these can be used for purchasing extra building items, speeding crops up and buying various premium farm items. A package of seventy five keys costs $2.99, a package of one hundred and forty keys costs $4.99 and a package of two hundred and eighty five keys costs $9.99. You are also able to purchase the non-premium currency which you can use to buy crops and general items. A package of four hundred coins costs ninety nine cents, a package of one thousand three hundred coins costs $2.99 and a package of four thousand seven hundred coins costs $9.99. It’s fairly easy to obtain coins, so I wouldn’t really see the point in purchasing more with real money unless you were really in need of more coins. If you are willing to spend on this game, I’d advise just buying the keys since they are rarer and more difficult to casually come across.

    Farmville 2 Cheats & Tips

    I have come up with a variety of ways for you to own a very fun and profitable farm using these tips and cheats.

    Short and more visits are better:

    Crops which take less time to ripe pay more in the long run. A crop which takes 8 hours to ripe will make far less money and XP than a crop which takes 2 hours to complete and is harvested 4 times in 8 hours.

    Friends, Friends, Friends:

    Making friends on Facebook who play Farmville will benefit you a lot. Every day you login to play the game, you will find a lot of free gifts which were otherwise very expensive. The more the friends, the more the gifts.

    Don’t spend the keys:

    Keys are the hardest to find currency. Do not spend them on useless things. Only use them on your barn. You can also get 25 free keys by connecting your game to the Facebook. Whenever you spend real money, buy keys!

    Cheat time:

    Farmville gets the time from your iOS device. By forwarding your clock, you can speed up the process and harvest the crops in no time.

    Take part in daily spins:

    There is a free spin everytime you login to the game. Take part in that and save precious items for use in the future.

    Visit and help your neighbors:

    By helping neighbors, you can earn a lot of food, coins and XP. Enjoy!

    Farmville 2 Review

    The game has a lot of good things which can be interpreted by the number of people who play this game. Everything in the game is very, very cute and adorable. From your avatar to the baby goats, the ducklings, even the buildings give a sense of cuteness. Having your own virtual farm is addictive. You spend a lot of time decorating it. You post its photos on your Facebook timeline and compete with other people. There is almost no chance of loss, there can only be low profit (unless you are very lazy and your crops keep withering for not harvesting on time, sadly, I am one of these people the majority of the time).

    The game has ultimate portability. You can play it on your iPhone, iPad offline and sync the farm with your Facebook game. You can login on an iOS, Android, Windows, Linux or mac device and harvest your crops. It only takes 5 minutes (only when you are a beginner). The game is saved in far more reliable Zynga servers.

    Unless you are a competition maniac, this game becomes a small part of your life while not taking too much time.

    On the other hand, there are also quite a few things that I really didn’t enjoy about the game, like that fact that Farmville relies way too much on your internet connection. It loads a lot of data and causes a lot of problems while loading. People with slow internet connections sometimes have a real hard time while loading the game. Sometimes, the internet is disconnected but game goes on without saving the progress to the Zynga servers and a lot of hard work of a less familiar player goes in vain.

    One reason of the game being annoying is the limit on everything. You don’t have enough water to do that, not enough power, you must have this, and you must have that, Oh sorry! You can’t have that unless you pay! Oh My God just let the kid play. This is not a real life job. It’s a game. People come here to relax. Fellows will agree: sometimes it feels thrilling to wait but most of the time, it’s just irritating and no fun to play.


    The game takes you with its own timetable. You need to be in the game after a certain time and before certain time if you want your crops to be ripened. If you want to harvest your animals, you need to feed them. The feed will be ready in certain amount of time after which you will feed the animal which will generate product after a certain amount of time after which you will use this to make a recipe which will also take time to ripe and you need to be in the game at the right time… What the hell Zynga? Just beat it!

    This game sometimes becomes Pay to Win. Certain items cannot be bought in any other way than spending farm bucks which need real money to be bought. It means no matter how much hard work I do, I will never be able to buy that cute duckling I really liked without handing Zynga developers some real cash. Not to mention there are also ads on the right, upper and lower sides sometimes from which Zynga probably make good revenue. Games like Dota 2 are really good in this regard which in spite of being free, have a policy where you can get every necessary thing if you can wait. Spending real money just makes the process faster unlike Farmville 2 where at some point, you must pay to survive.
    Another feature which is worth considering is that the game becomes complex with time. So complex the players have to spend a lot of time daily harvesting their crops, watering the trees and asking friends for the needed parts. At some point, they get sick of these ever repeating processes and leave the game to find a better one.

    Socialization should be optional, not mandatory. Here in Farmville, parts to complete the buildings can only be bought in two ways:

    Using farm bucks is not an option for the people in their early teens i-e most of the players. The only option left to them is to ask their Facebook friends to “gift” them free parts. This causes frustration in both the player and his innocent, minding-his-own-business friend.


    Artwork: I give FarmVille 2 an 8/10 for its artwork. The illustrations are really cute, beautiful and clear. This is really one of the few things that the game has going for it. It is visually appealing and makes you actually want to play, hell, it even makes the waiting time not so bad, at least you have something pretty to look at while you are waiting.

    Music and SFX: I give the game a 7/10 for its music and SFX. The music is nice, sometimes; you just keep humming the game’s music. It is cool, calm and really matches with the context of the farm. It’s another one of those little tunes that really end up stuck in your head. On the other hand, since it is the same tune over and over on a loop, it’ll drive you nuts if you play for quite a while. The sound effects in this game, whilst far from anything in rel life, are nice and fit in well with the game, they are great for creating some ambient noise.

    Story & Originality: I give the game a 2/10 for its story and originality. In this game there is literally no story or any kind of originality. According to Wikipedia, this game is referred as farm simulation game which is fact that I totally disagree with. This is clearly a game that is just made for kids and people who want to do some clicks in their free time. It is by no means a simulation game. Clearly Zynga wanted to just rehash the original Farmville game, however, this time around; it wasn’t anywhere near on the same level of success as the original.

    General Gameplay: I give the game a 5/10 for its general gameplay. After even just a small amount of time playing the game, it is clear that the gameplay needs a lot of vital improvements. Improving the amount of loading that this game requires is a must, especially when there is new content within the game, especially as there is no choice for players who aren’t quite ready to fully update their game. If every other game in the app store can just announce their updates in the update section of the app store, so can Zynga. Something else that also needs a big change is the face that you are just far too limited within this game, this is something which makes the game grow old quickly. I can definitely imagine that a lot of original FarmVille fans just went right back to the original after trying this travesty of a farm simulation game.

    Addictiveness: I give the game a 2/10 for its addictiveness. The game is pretty much addictive for low level teens but as the time passes, they lose interest. It is not that engaging, too much time spent waiting and not enough doing anything makes this game totally screw itself over. Like I mentioned, the stringent limits of this game really forces you to stretch any interest you have had in this game very thin. It might seem initially addictive because that’s how they want to present their game, as a new Farmville, but they sadly fail. This game is an insult to the original game, which is a game that is still addictive almost six years after its original release. Now that is true addictiveness.

    Overall, I rate FarmVille 2 with a 4/10.