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Fashionable Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Lauched

Feb 5, 2016

Fashionable Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker Lauched: The all new and the stunning Fitbit Alta is out in the market and is available on the stores from today. The brand new Fitbit Alta is here with the slim and trim design and the fashionable sleek model is sure to awe every user. It is the best fitness wearable device that is here o fulfils all you dreams. Here are the points detailing the features and technology.

Fitbit Alta
Fitbit Alta

The superior design comes with an awesome satin finish, which makes the device look attractive. The body is made of stainless steel. The device comes with a huge number of interchangeable bands which can be customized. They come in various colours and styles; they also come in different materials. There is leather and silver too. There is a function also that can instantly change the style, making the watch camouflage with the occasion.

Whether you want to view the activity statistics or want to keep a track of time, all you need to do is tap the OLED display. You are liable to various customizes also. You can also receive calls, send text messages and also view the calendar details, getting notifications about all events too. You can view them on screen only if you phone is in the Bluetooth range. There will be vibrations too making you aware about the notifications.

You can keep a track of all the activities that you do the entire day. Be it any kind of activity or any exercise where you want to keep track of numbers or the time, this device will be of great help. You can also keep a track of the sleeping period. Thus, you can now get a detailed statistical data of your day to day activity and also manage health issues much better.

Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker
Fitbit Alta Fitness Tracker

The new feature that you will find needful is the ‘Reminders to Move’. The device will give you a certain number of mini goals which you are expected to perform in the duration of the day. There will be about 250 steps which you need to complete and when you have done so, you can pat your back and appreciate yourself.

Exercise in a better way; keep a track of all your workouts. Track all you stuffs in a better, easier and much intuitive way. Make things fit in your daily life better. The technology of the watch allows a person to keep a track of and record a lot more than meagre activities like walking and running. It gives you a notion of other activities like biking, your dance classes, games like basketball, tennis and soccer. Keep a track of the weekly activities and assign goals for the week. Manage life better.

The device helps you manage yourself a lot better, encourages you towards a better life and helps you follow a consistent routine in every module of life. It is compatible with Android, iOS as well as Windows. The Alta has a very impressive batter. You can use it for five days with a fully charged battery.