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Files Go App Being Tested on Android

Nov 7, 2017

Google is testing out a new app which is called Files Go, and it is going to be a new storage management system for Android. This app was first listed on Google Play Store as an unreleased app and you had to have an early access invitation in order to get the app. Thankfully, you can download this app right now as an APK even though it was pulled from Google Play Store. Read on to learn about Files Go and the cool things this soon-to-be-released app can do for you.

Google Testing Files Go App for Storage Management

The good news is that the APK for Files Go is available, even though the app was quickly removed from Google Play Store. This app is both a storage management app and a way you can quickly transfer files using a wireless option. The app was being tested as a pilot app on some Android devices a while back as part of the Early Access Program.

The Files Go app is similar to both Android Go and YouTube Go in terms of the basic premise of the app. This new file management solution is one that Google seems to be pretty excited about. We are not sure of all of the features yet, but we got a glimpse of what is in store thanks to the test release on Google Play.

There are two tabs on the Files Go app, with one being Storage and the other being Files. The Storage tab is where you will see how much free space is left on your Android device. You also will notice you can clean the app cache from here and also remove media that you recorded. If you have downloaded a lot of files, you can go to the Storage tab and delete those files. On this app the Files tab is nothing more than a file management tab. It will tell you Documents, Videos, Images, Downloads, and Received Files.

Files Go App Provides Wireless File Transfer

Another cool thing about the Files Go app is that it will allow you to transfer files wirelessly. This uses the Bluetooth connection on your Android device. You can both send files and receive files wirelessly through this app. The app will allow you to create your own profile and will allow you to send even large file apps quickly and without issues. The app itself is 5.41MB, which means it is not as big as other file sharing apps like Xender. Even better, you only need to have Android 5.0 or higher in order to download and use Files Go on your device.

The Files Go app will also list every app on your Android device that you are not using. It will compile the list from the last month of apps that you have used and not used. This allows you to quickly uninstall apps that you are no longer using or you do not use regularly enough to justify the download.

So the good news is that this app is available right now through the APK. The bad news, is that there is no official release date yet for it to hit Google Play Store. We think that Google likely will be testing this app out for a bit longer before the official release happens. When it does though, we will be the first to let you know. You can download the APK right now if you do not want to wait for the official release. Be warned, there could be some issues and glitches since this is not the final release and was a test version.