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Files by Google Update Adds USB OTG Support & More

Dec 11, 2018

Files by Google was just updated and there is new USB OTG support added to the new version of the app. The new version of Files by Google is version 1.0.224103129 and this new update is seen as a minor one. Even though this is considered a minor update, new features and functions have been added.

You might know Files by Google as the previous name, which was Files Go. This app is one of the most common file manager apps out there for Android. We have all of the latest details about the new Files by Google update that was just released for Android, so read on to learn more about it.

Files by Google Update Adds USB OTG Support

One of the biggest changes that you will notice in the new Files by Google update is that there is now USB OTG support. USB OTG support means USB on-the-go, and it is something that has become standard among a lot of other files browser apps on Android. With the new USB OTG support, you will be able to just plug in a USB drive or other device with USB and then explore the content. This is going to make transferring files between your Android device and USB drive a lot easier.

You can explore the content of that USB drive right from the app itself. This will work with USB flash drives, memory cards, and other common USB devices. The new USB OTG support is something not everyone will use or find handy, but many people will love having this ability if it is ever needed.

With the change, you can view the content of the USB without leaving the app, which makes things a lot more convenient. There are also some other cool new features and functions that come with the Files by Google update version 1.0.224103129 that we also wanted to tell you about.

Files by Google Update Also Adds Improved Folder Support

It has been about a month since Files Go became Files by Google, and this is one of the first updates since the rebranding. While the new USB OTG support is the biggest addition to the app, there are also other improvements found in the update. One of the other huge additions here is that there is improved folder support now. You will now be able to view the full folder structure right there on your Android device or any other device that is connected.

Viewing the full folder structure makes things much easier when it comes to trying to view the files on your Android device. You will notice how much easier it is to view the files through the app with the new setup. If you are someone who often has a lot of different documents on their Android device, the changes are going to help you immensely. You will love the improved functionality when it comes to the folder support, and we are happy this was included in the update.

Files by Google Also Brings Minor Bug Fixes in Latest Update

Another thing you will notice in this latest update is that some minor bugs have been fixed. This is just for those typical bugs that have been found and reported in the app. The bugs were minor in nature, so you likely will not even notice these bug improvements were made.

As with all updates, you should see the over-the-air update hit your device within the next couple of days. If you do not see the update yet, you can manually download the update via Google Play Store. Remember to check to see if you are already updated to version 1.0.224103129, and if not, head to Google Play Store and download it right now.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think of the new Files by Google update. Do you use this app as your main Android file management app? If you use another file manager instead on your Android device, tell us which one you like to use. In this update, the USB OTG support was added, so are you someone who will utilize this new feature? What else would you like to see come to Files by Google in future updates? Let us know your opinion on this app and this new update because we would love to hear your feedback.