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Final Cut Pro 10.3 released with Touch Bar support, Magnetic Timeline, more

Oct 29, 2016

Apple has released a significant new update to its video editing software Final Cut Pro X by incorporating a number of features including support for the newly unveiled Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, Magnetic Timeline, and a redesigned interface with full support for wide colour workflows.

The update was announced at a recent event where Cupertino also announced updates to MacBook Pro and some of its other products. In a statement regarding the update, Apple said the new Touch Bar of the MacBook Pro would provide “intuitive, context-sensitive controls.” Users will be able to switch between editing tools, adjust audio levels, and access trimming and playback commands. Users will also get access to a colour-coded, interactive overview of the entire timeline that can be navigated by touch.

The new Magnetic Timeline feature will give users customisable arrangements and colour coding of audio clips based on type or “role”. Users will be able to give each roles a unique colour. Apple says another addition is a “first for pro video software”, the ability to drag and rearrange the vertical layout of their timeline or highlight specific audio roles while editing.

The revamped interface provides a darker, flat look for regular users, while MacBook Pro users will get a new layout that optimises screen space due to the inclusion of the Touch Bar. The new customisable workspaces lets users adjust window arrangements across multiple monitors, while full support for wide colour workflows lets users to import, edit and deliver video in standard Rec. 601 and Rec. 709 colour spaces, or in wide gamut Rec. 2020 colour space.

Other new features in Final Cut Pro 10.3 include a flow transition for smooth jump cuts; the ability to remove attributes to easily delete or reuse select effects across multiple clips; timecode overlay effect and generator to edit with a large view of source timecode; support for ProRes MXF, Panasonic V-Log and export of AVC-Intra, and finally, direct video output via Thunderbolt 3.

Motion 5.3 gets a new interface with support for wide colour workflows and 3D text enhancements that improve the performance and realism of 3D titles, among other changes. Compressor 4.3 also gets a new dark look to match Final Cut Pro X and Motion, as well as enhancements to iTunes Store Package creation, among other changes.