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Final Fantasy 7 Released on IOS

Sep 23, 2015

Growing up in the 90s one of my favorite things to do, besides playing sports outside or hanging out with my friends because there was not much technological distraction as there is today, was to play my Playstation 2. Most games back in those days were not the fancy graphics with intense game play mechanics that we see companies make today using millions of dollars. The games I used to play back in the day were simple, addicting, and the most important part that some people forget about now a days, FUN! When I am asked which game however was my favorite, without a doubt the first game that comes to my mind would have to be Final Fantasy 7. This video game redefined the entire RPG (role playing game) genre and recently the company that made this game, Square Enix (formally square in those days), has remade the game for IOS devices so for those readers who have never heard about Final Fantasy let me explain in full detail.

What Exactly is Final Fantasy?

The Final Fantasy is in the RPG genre mentioned before but what this means is that players take control of characters in the game and make them do certain actions. In this particular game, players control a party of 4 characters and go on a journey ( there are over 20 games in the story and each game has a different story) throughout lands fighting bosses, watching a great plot unfold, and finally saving the world from evil. These games are turned base games which require strategy to play because not everyone can do well in such a complex game where every item equipped, every team member recruited, and every spell casted are a matter of life or death. The story in this game is that the player plays as the infamous Cloud who is fighting against an evil corporation named AVALANCHE and with the help of his friends and those he mights along the way he will stop this group and his arch rival Sephiroth from taking over the world.

Gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 and its RPG style
(Gameplay of Final Fantasy 7 and its RPG style)

IOS Version

There is really no difference between this version and the older version because the game was made over 2 decades ago so for it to be graphically remade would take a lot of effort. Sure they have cleaned up a lot of the graphics but there are some major changes like how it is more turn based like the PC version rather than fast action like the PS1 version. This is because of the limitations that the IPhone has so the turn based mechanic works well with this game. The only cons I see to this application are that the price is $16 which is pretty much buying the game today on the Playstation Store. The other con is that this game requires almost 2 gb of space on IPhones to run it so this probably will heat up phones and drain a lot of battery consider how much space it takes up to download. What really makes up for this is the fact that players are allowed to play one of the most critically acclaimed games of all time ( this game has over 10 million copies sold on the PS1 itself) on the go anywhere.


Is this game worth purchasing?

Personally since I grew up playing this game I might consider purchasing it because I have had countless hours of fun playing this game. For those who are not so sure if they are interested in playing role playing games they consider playing a few online versions before they make such a commitment to purchasing this game that takes up a lot of space and is quite pricey. If readers do like this series and would like more there are other games in the Final Fantasy Franchise on the App store like Final Fantasy IV- VI. In conclusion, it brings many people great joy to see this wonderful and enjoyable game see a release on the App store and hopefully those who did not know about this franchise go on and give this game a try because it offers so much great content that will keep players on their phones for hours.