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Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Now Available for Pre-Order on iOS

Jan 30, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition is now available for pre-order on iOS devices. The game is scheduled to be released on February 9, 2018, which is not very far away from now. We learned that the game was coming out back in September. There is now a new card found on the App Store for iOS, which signals you can sign up for the pre-order. This allows you to be notified immediately when the game launches on iOS. If you have been awaiting Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, read on to learn more about the game and the upcoming release.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Pre-Orders Live on iOS

It is about time that the pre-orders for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition begin on iOS. Android already had the pre-order option available for a while now. Once you have selected to pre-order the game through Apple’s App Store, you will be able to be notified once the game is released. Right now, head to the App Store page for the game and tap on “Get.” Then, you will automatically see the download onto your iOS device once the game is released on February 9. If you do not pre-order the game, you will have to manually download the game once it comes out. That is the good thing about the pre-order is that once the game has been released, it will download automatically on your device so you do not have to do anything.

As for the game itself, it is an episodic game, which means each part of the game is a different chapter. The Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition pre-order involves Chapter 1, and that is free. You can then purchase the additional chapters as in-app purchases. Each of those additional chapters will be $.99. The other upcoming Chapters, 4 through 10, are going to be much more expensive at $3.99 each. If you do not want to purchase the Chapters individually, you can purchase the entire bundle for $19.99. That is really the way to go if you think about it, because doing the bundle option will save you quite a bit of money.

Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Game Details

If you have not heard about Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition before, it is the mobile-friendly version of the game that was released back in 2016. There are more cartoon-like characters in this mobile version. The controls were also optimized for mobile, since you can just tap to do things like fight, talk, and move. This game is like playing the regular full version of the game which was on Xbox One and PS4. The dialog is great and the quests are all what the full version of the console version of the game had too.

The iOS version and Android version both will be following Prince Noctis and all of his friends. They are trying to get to the wedding between Price Noctis and Lady Lunafreva, but there are enemies that they all have to get rid of first. The goal is to destroy all of the enemies and get to the wedding, with each episode playing a role in the overall story arc. You will be able to download this game, which is just like the console version, on February 9.

Remember, sign up for the pre-order in order to have the game automatically downloaded to your device upon release. Tell us in the comments if you are excited about this game. Do you think it will work very similar to the console version as stated? Are you worried about the overall game play on the mobile devices even though this version is mobile-friendly?